Sylvia Robinson, Hip-Hop, and Disrespect

Sylvia Robinson, Hip-Hop and Disrespect!!

This is a question for all media, record labels, and video/radio outlets that play Hip-Hop music.

Why are you so disrespectful? This must be addressed!

Mrs. Sylvia Robinson and her late husband Mr. Joe Robinson formed one of the most successful R&B Record labels in 1969 – All Platinum Records.

The label featured R&B artists like The Moments, Brother to Brother, and The Rimshots, featuring Grammy nominated artist/writer/producer Jonathan Williams

Mr. and Mrs. Robinson were also pioneers who also established Hip-Hop as a lucrative, commercial enterprise.

Legendary manager Mick Bentson

In 1979, Mrs. Robinson concentrated on running their Sugarhill Records label, which also became instrumental in the emergence of Hip-Hop music as a format.

She was one of the first, if not the first, successful person to own a Hip-Hop record label, aside from just being the producer.

On Tuesday (October 11th), Mrs. Robinson was laid to rest at Community Baptist Church in Englewood, New Jersey.

No burial: a mausoleum, a white and gold casket & horse and carriage courtesy of her three sons Joey, Leland, and Rhondo Robinson, who spared no expense.

We give it up to Greg Walker of Icon Media Inc. for all his hard work and to former Englewood Mayor Michael Wildes for the nice words about Mrs Robinson.

Let me tell you a little bit about the people that showed respect and love. To all those that did not come, you truly were not missed.

It was disrespectful that there was no mainstream media covering the funeral. You all can write about beefs and arguments – that must be more important to you as news.


I hope, when the day comes and it’s time for your “Pillow Talk” with God, that you won’t be treated the way Mrs. Robinson was treated.

You should all pay homage.

These are some of the people that showed respect and paid homage to the Queen, Sylvia Robinson. We are going to miss you, but you will never be forgotten:

Mickey Bentson, Grandmaster Melle Mel, Scorpio, Lil’ Mo, Melissa Morgan, Billy Brown of The Moments, Greg Walker, Angela Winbush, Melba Moore, Ron Grant, DJ Break Out, Lil Rodney C., Jazzy Jeff of The Funky Four PLUS 1, Angie Stone, Busy Bee, Love Bug Starkie, Mike C., Reggie Reg, shubee, Chuck Chillout, Vincent Davis, Doug E. Fresh, Kedar Massenberg, Big Bub., J.T. Taylor, Lonnie Youngblood, Vaughn Harper, Big John Platt (EMI), David Kasis (Universal Business Affairs), Rev. Al Sharpton, Juelz, Kid Capri, Water Bed Kev, Smitty, Big Wayne, Sal from Fever, Cherl Da Pearl from Sequence, Iris (Virgin), Eazy Mike from Furious 5, Mark Green, King Yoda,  Mike and Wise  and legendary photographer, Ronnie Wright.

These people truly have love for the family who set the blueprint for Hip-Hop.

– Zulu Nation Forever – Mick “Mick Benzo” Bentson.

Mick Bentson is a legend in the Hip-Hop game who has managed the careers of Big Pun, Fat Joe, Lord Finesse, Everlast, Kool Keith, Force MD’s, King Tee, Monie Love, Ice-T, Everlast, Chief Rocker Busy Bee, King Russ and Rock & Roll Hall of Fame members, The Furious 5. 

You can also catch Mick on his Zulu Beats radio show with Afrika Bambataa and Cutman LG every Friday at 10:00 PM on Sirius/XM Satellite Radio. Tonight they will dedicate the show to Sylvia and Sugarhill Records.