Talib Kweli Argues With Don Lemon Over CNN's Coverage Of Ferguson Protests (VIDEO)


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(AllHipHop News) Talib trying to keep the minds awoken, apparently, unlike CNN. During an interview on CNN with host Don Lemon, Kweli engaged in a passionate diatribe over alleged misrepresentation of the facts in the Ferguson protests by CNN.

Kweli took particular issue with an article on CNN.com entitled “Ferguson streets were calm until bottles fly” from this past Tuesday (August 19th). According to Kweli, his eyewitness account of the event varies drastically from CNN’s report:

What I saw with my own eyes..and I was there on the ground. That’s not what happened. The CNN report on your website says it chased young men down. No, it chased men, women AND children down. The CNN report, the title says ‘calm until bottles fly.’ They don’t mention bottles in the article. In the article you read 5 pages, there’s no mention of the bottles flying. I saw the bottles fly. You know when bottle flew, after the cops told me they’d blow my effing head off.

The conversation turned personal when Don  Lemon interrupted Kweli during his speech. Kweli quickly informed the host that he did not have respect for the 15 year veteran MC and exhibited such disrespect prior to the interview going live:

You didn’t invite me, Nicole invited me. First of all, you didn’t say nothing to me. You on your phone the whole time. You ask how to pronounce my name. You have no respect for who I am.

Check out Talib Kweli’s full interview on CNN below:

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A4tsBSe840w]