The 10 Most Fashionable Women Of 2009

We recently listed “The 10 Most Fashionable Men Of 2009”, and now it’s time to shine the spotlight on their female counterparts.   The legs of one of our most fashionable women   The basis for this list is the same as the men – women who get their street as well as their red […]

We recently listed “The 10 Most Fashionable Men Of 2009”, and now it’s time to shine the spotlight on their female counterparts.


The legs of one of our most fashionable women


The basis for this list is the same as the men – women who get their street as well as their red carpet looks right, and those who take risks in true trendsetting style.


Not every outfit may have been a hit, but they have a field day with fashion and try different things. We are expecting varying opinions, so let your thoughts be known!


10. Kim Kardashian




 Kim Kardashian would’ve been higher up on the list, but we would first love to see this woman not look so dolled up each time she leaves the house. Perhaps try a pair of fly kicks instead of her super high heels for once?



Either way, we know Kim has a passion for fashion and always looks on point. She’s not afraid to try new fierce new looks, like her temporary blond locks, and these studded gloves by Phillip Lim which she tweeted her excitement about recently:


Kim with sister Kourtney


She always mixes it up on the red carpet with different hair styles, colors and fits of dresses:


Way to go, Kimmy.


9. Lady Gaga


You may question our decision to put the outrageous Lady Gaga on this list – but we have good reason. Gaga is like that haute couture gown you can’t take your eyes off, but you know you wouldn’t dare try to pull off in the streets. You admire it from afar, as a work of art.




She has somehow blended the looks of past, present and future to create a unique style all her own. She is the younger Madonna, the extreme Britney Spears, the female Marilyn Manson all in one.




Believe it or not, her style has definitely influenced the general public and celebrities alike. It may be in a subtle way, but its there. She helped jump start the emergence of fetish inspired clothing, including the leotard and thigh high boots – which she took fantastical new heights.


We’re sure you’ll be seeing more Gaga inspired fashion on your favorite runways, and in your favorite magazines and retailers for some time.


8. Beyoncé




At times, Beyoncé seems to play it safe…a little too safe. This goes from bland color choices to cuts of clothing. But we noticed the multi-talented star turned up the edginess a tad this year.


Beyoncé in an ad for her clothing line, Deréon


She confidently wore the marching band jacket trend, a bright sequined number to this year’s BET Awards, “jeggings”, thigh high boots and more.


Maybe she’s been hanging out with Gaga too much, or Sasha Fierce got the best of her. Who knows, but we dig it.


7. Victoria Beckham




Seventh place goes to the “Posh” woman whose legs are sticking out of the Marc Jacobs bag in the main picture – Victoria Beckham. With a doll-like presence, Mrs. Beckham is very good at playing dress up. She never shies away from displaying the latest and challenging fashion trends, giving off the impression that she is walking a catwalk at all times.


Mrs. Beckham’s heel-less shoes by Antonio Berardi


She was quick to rock this year’s hottest trends – the boyfriend jean, large shoulders, leather pants, bleached denim, and many more. Victoria also just re-launched her denim line for winter 2009.



Victoria and husband David Beckham (check out the spikes on those Louboutins)

Her street looks are edgy and sharp, and her red carpet style is extravagant. Like hubby, like wifey – style seems to run deep in Beckham family.


 6. Cassie




She may have been ridiculed by many for that half-shaven head, but it is hard to deny that Cassie can dress right all around. We’ve seen the gorgeous songstress go from a Hellz Bellz tee and Nike sneakers to elegant dresses for events and award shows.



This year she clearly kicked up the punk rock meter, perhaps taking the cue from some of her peers? She recently did a daring campaign for DimePiece where she was almost unrecognizable:




Cassie gets credit for going beyond being just a pretty face in pretty dresses – she has confidently rocked her bold new looks this year, not paying much mind about what others have to say.


5. Teyana Taylor




This 19 year-old Harlem native was always known for her tomboy streetwear, but we can see Teyana Taylor is growing up fast.



As she asked you to do with her first single, Google her – you’ll see how she manages to look smashing whether dressed up or down. Married To The Mob recently featured her in their ad campaign, in which she look sexy and street at the same time:



She has also brought her spunky style to Diesel‘s runway:



Teyana’s youth shines through her fun and colorful fashion sense, and we’re sure she’ll be giving some other well known fashionistas a real run for their money in coming years.



4. Keri Hilson




Keri Hilson definitely has a glam retro style going. She is not afraid of leather, big hoop earrings, high top sneakers and lots of glitter.



Her hairdo has changed numerous times, going from a short curly black and blond concoction to her now longer, softer look. She recently showed it off and wowed us with her gorgeous sequin dress at the Victoria’s Secret fashion show. Keri earns points for being playful with fashion, taking it back to the 80s in a tasteful way and then quickly turning up the heat on the red carpet as needed!




3. Gwen Stefani




Gwen Stefani first broke out on the music scene with a serious ska swag.


Gwen back in the day

Although she was a stunning beauty since those days, her look has grown up in recent years. But along with her signature blond locks and red lips, she maintains her fun attitude when it comes to fashion. Her L.A.M.B. clothing line, still going strong, combines her love for ska with luxurious haute couture style.




Gwen just may have a couple of the most fashionable children as well – her adorable toddlers Kingston and Zuma are always decked out in the freshest gear.


Gwen with her stylish hubby, Gavin Rossdale, and son Kingston


2. Amber Rose




Amber Rose did a sexy saunter onto the scene this year, seemingly coming out of nowhere and taking the fashion industry by storm.


Rose in Vogue (styled by Kanye)


The stripper turned model found fame through being the girlfriend of our most fashionable man, Kanye West, but what has kept her in the limelight and plastered across blogs on a regular is surely her swag. We use that word instead of “style”, but it goes further than that.



We may have not even heard the woman speak, but she somehow screams confidence, and an “I don’t give a what” attitude. Many seem to be annoyed at the fact that she became famous for no good reason, but can you imagine this year in fashion without Miss Rose? After all, look at what she must have done for legging sales! Along with her never ending supply of interesting leggings, she is known for her futuristic shades, candy pink lips (recently blue lips as well), Doc Martens, and boyish sweat pants/jeans. Oh, and she also supports her boyfriend’s kicks for Louis Vuitton:



She may seem more street than chic with her signature blond shaved head and tattoos, but just look at how nice she cleans up.




1. Rihanna




While the rock star look may have become mainstream recently, we remember when people were scratching their heads at how and why Rihanna took her good girl look to the bad side years ago. She came out on the scene with long sun-kissed locks, and traded them in for a short jet black bob back in 2007.


From there, the good girl went bad…and just got badder as everyone else followed suit. While some of her looks are reminiscent of Prince, Michael Jackson, and the 80s Madonna to name a few, the way she pulls it together and mixes up her style makes her one of a kind. It seems like she became a super glamorous style icon overnight, rocking the boldest runway looks in the streets with such a casual nonchalant manner.



Along with her haute couture and rock chic looks, Rihanna knows when and how to lighten up her look. She looks equally as good in her Nike kicks as she does in a ridiculously high Louboutin heel.




Just to name a few looks she helped crank the popularity of: Spikes and studs on everything from heels to dresses, large shoulders, cut up leather tights, garter belts for every day, distressed denim, the tin soldier-esque hat, and many more.