The Beautiful Brooklyn Chase Talks Adult Entertainment !

The lovely Brooklyn Chase takes the moment to sit down and speak with us about adult entertainment, her interests and much more ! Hailing from the West Coast we are pleased to introduce to you Brooklyn Chase one of the hottest new talents in the game !   Hello Brooklyn Chase, tell us a bit […]

The lovely Brooklyn Chase takes the moment to sit down and speak with us about adult entertainment, her interests and much more ! Hailing from the West Coast we are pleased to introduce to you Brooklyn Chase one of the hottest new talents in the game !


Hello Brooklyn Chase, tell us a bit about yourself, where are you from ? How did you get your name ? Tell us about yourself.

I was born and raised in beautiful San Diego, but just moved to the East to be near family. I’ve been in the industry for just over three years and I’m having an absolute blast! I got my name by going through a baby name book and mixing and matching until I found “it”.

How did you get into the industry ? How many scenes have you done and what is your favourite type of p### to shoot ?

I got into the industry by finding my first agent. P### was never on my radar until then, but I was looking for a new career where I could embrace my sexuality and enjoy life. I was thinking about stripping when I stumbled into p###. I have no clue how many scenes I’ve shot, but it’s a lot! My favorite type to shoot is boy/girl.

Were there any p### stars in the industry you looked at as inspiration to be like in terms of success ? We’ve seen girls like Lisa Ann, Nikki Benz, Skin Diamond, Sasha Grey, Sara Jay, Pinky, Abella Anderson and many others surpass p### and branch off into other areas. Is that something you would do?

I’ve always looked to Lisa Ann as inspiration. She built her name into a p### empire and she’s still a sweet and classy lady. I’d love to follow in her footsteps, with my own Brooklyn twist!

Going by your instagram, if I didn’t know any better I’d never guess you were in adult films, you have that “girl next door” look to you. Are people surprised when they find out your profession ?

There aren’t many people that I have to tell. Most already know before they meet me, but I have had some surprised friends. I’m very “normal” and that’s what surprises people. I cook, clean, craft, never wear makeup, always like to be covered in clothes; totally different than I am in film. But both are real parts of me!

If you weren’t doing p### what would you be doing instead ?

I would love to do interior design. I enjoy putting together my home and helping friends decorate theirs. Im pretty good at it, too.

Are you single and do you find it harder to balance relationships outside of p### ? Do you have an expectation of p### sex versus regular sex ? Is it harder to sustain that level of ecstasy ?

I am married. I think if you have a supportive spouse, the balancing act is easy. P### sex and regular sex are often polar opposites, mostly because regular sex has an immensely stronger emotional connection, which makes it better.

What makes for a good sex scene/sexual experience for a scene ? What turns you on ?

A really good scene is a perfect storm of many things. The girl needs to feel comfortable, she needs to feel confident in her body/makeup/outfit, the male and female talents need to be comfortable with each other, and it needs to be a fun environment. If everyone is feeling good, good sex (and therefore a good scene) is a given.

You’ve done some interracial in p###, recently we’ve seen Lisa Ann speak about it the controversy surrounding it in interviews, Sasha Grey also spoke on it also. Did you catch any flack for it ? Would you keep doing it and do you date black men in your personal life ?

I absolutely will keep doing interracial scenes. I truthfully don’t understand what the controversy is around it. I have caught some flack, but it’s been very minimal. And I don’t need fans like that, anyways.

According to Google, pornography is the most searched topic, it could be argued that p### is perhaps one of the best technological revolutions to grace the internet, we’ve seen it go from Peer to Peer sharing sites and go all the way to pay sites to tube sites where people get it for free. Do you think that’s a good thing or bad thing for p### studios and are you personally affected by free p### ?

Every person that is in any way connected to the adult industry is negatively affected by free p###. If studios aren’t making money off a scene, how can they possibly have the resources to continue to produce more content? If viewers want to continue to have p### to search, they need to understand that it isn’t free to produce. Pay for your p###!

If you had to name one guy or girl alive or dead in entertainment (sports and film), music or pop culture, that you would sleep with, who would it be ?

No contest, it would be Justin Timberlake. I’ve had an unhealthy obsession for more years than I care to reveal.

Seems like you’d utilized social media pretty well, congratulations on 250,000 followers ! Some feel that social media is making it harder for entertainers because now they have to directly compete with everybody else and people can become stars almost overnight. Do you worry about that or has the game been good to you ?

Hitting a quarter million followers still blows my mind, so thank you! I’ve never felt competition, but it’s not because I think I’m anything special. Every star has their own look, their own energy that they bring to a scene, and their own following. If a company doesn’t shoot me, it’s not because I have competition. It’s because what I bring to the screen isn’t right for their particular fan base, and that’s ok!

What’s been the biggest challenge for you so far in p### ?

My biggest challenge isn’t anything serious. I hit 30 years old this year and have found it harder and harder to keep my body in tip-top shape. Diet and exercise have never been my forte.

A few more important questions that always intrigued me. It’s in regards to Mr. Marcus a few years back falsifying a document so he could shoot a scene. How does the testing go before a scene is shot ? How long does it take for results ? Do you and the person(s) you’re working with stay in the same vicinity so you’re not out having sex with someone else before the scene is filmed ?

Testing results are received 24 hours after the samples are obtained and remain valid for 14 days. Before a scene is shot, both male and female talent show each other their test results and ensure that everyone is comfortable. We have no control over what, or who, people do in their personal time, but as a whole, talent is respectful of the risks and is careful.

Do you have other interests outside of p### ? Like another business interest or something you do people would be surprised to know ? Make it interesting !

I’m so boring! I have a craft room in my house and spend a lot of time in there. I love making DIY projects for my home and as gifts for others.

I always have to ask – Who would be your top 5 favourite artists and why ? And what would be your top 3 favourite albums of all time ??

I’m a country listener, so my top five artists would be Luke Bryan, Brad Paisley, Miranda Lambert, Blake Shelton, Keith Urban. I’ve never been an album buyer. I like the variety of the radio.

Can we expect to see some new material from you soon ? What do you have coming up next ?

I just shot a solid week of new scenes, so there will be some new and exciting stuff soon!

Do you have any shout outs or anything you want to leave the fans with ? Where can we find more of your work or keep up to date with the beautiful Brooklyn Chase ?

I would like to say thank you to my fans, new and old! Your support is unimaginable! People can find me on Twitter at@brooklyn_chase and on Instagram also at @brooklyn_chase.