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This article has not been edited at all, because hexmurda doesn’t believe in editing. – management.

I wrote my article “THE DRAKE CONSPIRACY” in 2009. Looking back on it I pretty much predicted the future. A dude on Twitter read it & called me “HEXTRADAMUS”. That article is very f###### interesting. Especially now. If you get a chance u should check it out. I called this THE DRAKE CONSPIRACY III although few people saw ” II”. That’s because my almighty editor shut it down. Just because I may have painted an unflattering picture of a certain black entertainment television network which will remain nameless. That’s cool, tho. I’m back to paint an unflattering picture of this whole Drake vs. MeekMill s###.

Suspension of disbelief.

What that means is basically throwing logic to the wind and temporarily allowing yourself to believe any b####### that gets thrown at you. This is usually used during movies, TV shows, magic shows etc. Every now and then it You know that there’s s### in the game but you roll with it anyway, until it becomes too f###### much and you scream, “B#######!” at the movie screen. This is me screaming “B#######!” on everything. I don’t subscribe to that suspension of disbelief s###. I’m not politically correct either. F### that. I’m not going to play pretend like the rest of these muthafuckas. Take this Drake versus Meek b#######. Get the f### out of here. First of all it started over some third grade s### about Drake not tweeting that Meek’s lp was out or coming out or some highly suspect s### like that. So Meek outs Drake for occasionally using a ghost writer or co-writer. Even after FunkmasterFlex ( I still have no idea why social media is mad at Flex ) leaked dummy tracks with vocals on it that ain’t Drake’s, his loyal Stanleys refuse to believe that their Canadian King had help on any of his songs. Since Quentin Miller is credited on “TEN BANDS” & other songs as a cowriter they see it as no big deal.

Suspension of disbelief.

Allowing yourself to be fooled.

It is a big deal.
Its a big f###### deal that a guy who actually said “Last name ‘EVER’, first name ‘GREATEST'” isn’t writing every single letter of his rhymes.

Then Drake drops his first diss record. Some lukewarm s### called “CHARGED UP”. People on social media acted like it was “HIT EM UP”.
Stop it.
That s### was not hot.

After a couple days of waiting for Meek to respond, Drake realized that ” CHARGED UP” was some b####### and he dropped” BACK TO BACK” and invoked the name of AR-AB , a street dude & rapper from Meek’s hometown of Philly. The social media miscreants acted like Drake dropped “NO VASELINE”.

Drake tried to force Meek to address both himself AND AR-AB. Excellent strategy.
But how soon do we forget. As I recall Kendrick Lamar, Common, and Pusha Ton all came at Drake. He never addressed them on record. Where were all these records then?

O. Evidently that didn’t happen. Puff putting hands on him? That didn’t happen either.
Suspension of disbelief.

I see that Drake’s picking his spots.

He must feel like Meek is an easier opponent. Especially after Meek fumbled the ball with ” I WANNA KNOW”. He waited so long to drop a response to Drake that I thought it was gonna be the first single off of “DETOX”. He could have kept that. That wasn’t the one, dog. The song had one rhyming line where Meek alluded to Drake’s altercation with Puff, saying that P.Diddy almost caught a domestic violence charge for smacking Drake. I’m paraphrasing. There was no mention of Ar-Ab. He also dropped an ad-lib where he says that Drake allowed himself to get pee’d on by one of T.I.’s boys.


Besides those two instances Meek’s record was both utterly forgettable & unintelligible.
I got Drake 3-0 in whatever this is. I’m sure that Drake penned these two diss records, I hope he wouldn’t risk getting ANY help on those two records. But thats the elephant in the room aint it? Like a baseball player who tests positive for PED’s, he’s forever tarnished in the eyes of real emcees. Every verse he recites will be heavily scrutinized. The question “BUT DID HE WRITE IT?” will always be in the back of your mind every time u hear one of his songs. His fans will conspire to use the suspension of disbelief to pretend that none of this ever happened, including this article. I’ll tell u what tho, no matter what anyone says, that ghostwriter / co writer controversy definitely keeps Drake out all goat conversations. It doesn’t mean that Drake isnt a great artist, it just means that he’s more J.Lo than Jay-Z.