The Legendary and Beautiful Taylor Wane talks Adult Films, Entertainment and Life !

Long before Lisa Ann, Pinky, Sasha Grey and Roxy Reynolds there was Taylor Wane. The legendary “Queen of P###” has seen over 25 years in the industry and has established herself as one of the most renowned pornstars of all time and perhaps the FIRST milf ever before it even became it’s own genre. Taylor […]

Long before Lisa Ann, Pinky, Sasha Grey and Roxy Reynolds there was Taylor Wane. The legendary “Queen of P###” has seen over 25 years in the industry and has established herself as one of the most renowned pornstars of all time and perhaps the FIRST milf ever before it even became it’s own genre. Taylor Wane hails from the U.K. and she took the time to do an interview with us on her experiences in the industry.


Where are you from and what was your upbringing like ?

I was born and raised in the North East of England: Newcastle Upon Tyne. Youngest of 5 kids in a working class family. I had a great childhood even though we didn’t have a lot of money, I had a lot of love from my family. I loved being outdoors and playing sports. I never spent time inside watching tv or playing with toys, just wasn’t my thing. I was a tom boy up until I was around 18 years old. I never wore makeup or dressed girly. I loved school! I don’t think I ever took a day off even if I were sick. I wanted to be an A student and I was. Education was super important to me and still is. Education is power.




Were you always ambitious ?

I was ambitious from the get go. I worked jobs before and after school each day and weekends. I would save the money and then give loans and charge a lot of interest. Haha.. I was motived, hungry and had endless energy. I loved the North and the people but England was just too small and constrained for me so I worked hard and figured a way out of a small city and moved to London. London was exciting and awesome but hard to get by. It’s very expensive to live in a city like London so I didn’t get to eat much and worked hard just to be able to live. They were definitely the lean years, in all ways.



The age old question you’ve probably been asked a lot – but for those who don’t know, how did you first get into the business ?
One day one of my model friends from the Agency I was signed with told me about Los Angeles and how much modeling work there was there compared to London. I just wanted to work, every day if possible so I made the arrangements and set off on my journey not knowing where it would take me. I was introduced to an agency, at that time Jim South of World Modelling in Van Nuys, CA. It didn’t take me long before I was working every day and my popularity rose quickly as there were no British girls in the business at that time. Here I was. Blond, busty, british and had a mouth like a sailor. Something that stood out back in 1990. The p### girls weren’t known for being very vocal and talkative in their scenes. I had worked nights on phone sex lines in the UK and could talk dirty for hours if it meant keeping the guy paying per minute on that phone call. So once I was in a p### movie with my dirty mouth, it stood out from the get go.



Was it hard getting into the business or dealing with it ? What did your friends and family say ? Were they supportive ??

It was so easy getting into the business and even though I am NOT a nudist I just took to it right away. I have always been very sexual and the fact I could work every day and have sex just seemed like the perfect fit for me. In the beginning (1990-1991) sometimes I would shoot 3 scenes a day, in different studios. By 1994 I was voted Box Cover Girl of the year by AVN as I was on dozens and dozens of movie covers. By June 1994 I was the first well known Adult film Star to grace the cover of Penthouse Magazine. Back in the early 90’s, Bob Guccione didn’t feature p### stars as Penthouse Pets. After the success of that June 1994 issue, they had to re think their stand point on that.
It was also that year, after Penthouse was published the British Tabloids got wind of my US success and it made front page news in the UK. My family now Knew what kind of modeling I was doing in the USA…. Nude and p###..
Then I got THE CALL… Not all p### talent are lucky that their family, even if not happy with their decision will stand by them. Mine did. I was blessed that I had such a remarkable bond with them, even though they were conservative in their thinking.


Let’s also talk musical interests, who are some artists you like listening to ?

I like so many different artists, because music allows you to explore feelings you are having at any given time.
Whether you are sad, happy, amped, in love, whatever. There is a song and an artist that can let you express and experience your feelings in such a remarkable way.

So, who do I like? Who do I not like is the question… 🙂 from the greats like Pink Floyd, Led Zepplin, Queen to some of my current artists like Maroon 5, Pink, Lady gaga, Madonna, John Legend. I love such a wide variety of music from Nina Simone, Eminem, Blake Sheldon, Lil Wayne, Beyonce, The Black Crowes, Bob marley, Bruno Mars, Calvin Harris, David Guetta, Kanye West, Dr Dre, Ed Sheeran, Rhianna, Faith Hill, Imagine Dragons, James Blunt, James Morrison, Jason Mraz, Jay Z, Jennifer Hudson, John Mayer, Johnny Cash, Michael Jackson, Ray Lamontagne, Pharrel, Sam Smith, Sex Pistols, Snoop Dogg, Pit Bull to name (not a) few. 😉


Do you have any favourite artists ?

Right now I’m obsessed with Blake Sheldon. haha… A girl that grew up as a Punk rocker now loves this country star but his music just feels good. Really it all depends on the song. If the song moves me, then Im all about it. I go nuts when Pit bull comes on the radio. All his songs make me wanna dance like crazy! His music is infectious, in a good way.



Who was the most famous person you’ve ever met or seen that made you freeze and forget your words or couldn’t muster the strength to approach ?

Anyone that knows me knows I have had a long list of very famous friends, lovers and rendezvous’s and I haven’t kissed and told yet. I’ve never met someone that made me freeze. My balls are too big. 😉



What are 5 things about you people would be surprised to know ?

After 24 years in the business most of my fans know everything about me. I’m a lot more conservative than one would imagine. I really like to play things out like: there’s a time and a place for everything. I keep a low profile and spend my time painting, working out, hiking, reading, studying whatever I’m into at that time, hanging with my dogs, I love cooking.



Without naming names and excluding p### if you have ever dated an entertainer, who would you say are the best lovers ? Regular guys or entertainers ??

Like I said earlier, I won’t name names but honestly, p### guys are good at sex. You aren’t really feeling love emotions during filming but s###, when they eat p#### or do s###, its really f###### good. haha… I think you can bring out the best in (almost) anyone. Good sex is about connection, being open minded and being free!



Have you ever been to rap concert before ?? Any funny stories (without naming names !!)

I did go to one show where one of the guys in the band while on stage stopped to write down my number.




Is it better to give or to receive ?

It is always a good feeling to give, but if you receive in return it feels amazing…

Three things about you most people don’t know?

I’m a home body, I like to paint and make things, and I am very conservative.


Where can fans contact you?
People can reach out at either:

My personal webpage.

or my fan club address:
Po Box 572229
Tarzana, CA 91357-2229



We’d like to thank Taylor Wane for taking the time to do an interview, we appreciate it and feel free to check to her out on social media !