The Odd Side: Freedom Fighter


Welcome back to the Odd Side, a column that explores the effects of Hip Hop’s transformation through different sounds.

This week will be dedicated to the artists who have taken a stance against the recent plethora of police brutality cases. Instead of following the trend of being silent (like, you know, some artists) The artists being recognized this week has taken the next step to make a revolution through their craft. Michael Brown and Eric Garner didn’t get the justice they deserved, but these artists fighting for them through a new wave.

DJ Akiin – Hands Up Don’t Shoot Mixtape

Let’s start this revolution out with a dope mixtape. Thanks to browsing around 2DopeBoyz, I came across DJ Akiin’s Hands Up Don’t Shoot mixtape. This Soundcloud mix features a dope set of tracks (all saying f*ck the police) with tracks from NWA, Public Enemy, J Dilla, Tupac, and many more.

Alice Smith, Sam Dew, Dave Sitek – Shell Shock

Alice Smith has such a beautiful voice,  her music can be seen as a reincarnation to some of the dopest singers of the past. She teamed up with rock band TV On The Radio’s Dave Sitek for a new track called “Shell Shock”. The track gives you a classic feel, with an upbeat style and a revolutionary flow. “Shell Shock” brings back the classic vibe of 60’s protests to the present time.

Wu Tang Clan – A Better Tomorrow

The Wu Tang is back!! Earlier this weekend, the legendary rap group released their official video for the single “A Better Tomorrow”. The set of visuals shows protest clips that fits very well with the “Wake Up” sample, and then the Wu Tang Clan drops dope lyrics to mix it in.

What do you think about these tracks? Let us know, and be ready for next week.