The Odd Side: Songs for this Summer


Welcome to another edition of The Odd Side, a column that explores the effects of Hip Hop’s transformation through new sounds.

It’s been a while since the last post about the talent out of Maryland came out. However, as time went by, the weather has been a lot better. Summer’s here, and there’s a ton of new artists that are supplying some good music to get you in the mood. Today’s feature artists will get you ready for the season of the beach, warm weather, and dope settings. Some of the tracks might give you a cool vibe for the smooth rides, and some are just dope to turn up to.

Zacari – Foggy Windows

Zacari is a singer that definitely showed out on this cut “Foggy Windows”. The smooth beat produced by J-Louis & NGHTMRE added an upbeat, groovy bass to match the L.A. singer’s jazzy vocals. It’s followed by a big bass drop and complete switch of the song. However, “Foggy Windows” somehow seems to remain cool while it happens. If the weather is nice and you’re in your whip, this is the song you need.

MNEK – Believe (Cher Refix) 

MNEK has been making a lot of dope music lately. With his EP dropping soon, we’ll have some more music to. For now though, the London singer released a remix to Cher’s classic song “Believe”. It may sound odd on paper, but this remix has a bit of a kick to it, and the soulful vocals through the chorus will have you singing after the first time.

Goldlink – Sober Thoughts (Chris McClenney)

The original “Sober Thoughts” was a popular hit last year, but this Chris McClenny remix gave it the dance-like vibe to take over this summer. The remix follows Goldlink’s versed with a heavy bass line, upbeat claps, and keyboards. If you want to get your cookout jumping, you’ll need this song in your life.

KR – Play My Sh*t

This Los Angeles rapper needs to link up with PYRMDPLAZA more, because these two can make some good music. “Play My Sh*t” feeds off the energy of both PLAZA’s instrumental and KR’s raps. The final product is a track that will have you grooving for the night outside.

Rihanna – BBHMM (Krsmix)

Rihanna’s latest hit “B*tch Better Have My Money” might already be a song ruling radio stations during the summer, but this remix turns it on its head. Given a more futuristic sound with more bass hits, the Krs remix will have your speaker bang an more ways than one this season.

What did you think of the tracks, can they fit on your summer playlist? Let me know on Twitter (@VBrinkley513) and look out for the next edition of The Odd Side.