Jasmine Jae it is a pleasure to have you do this interview with !!! How are you doing ? Please introduce yourself to those who may not be familiar with you ! Where are you from and who is Jasmine Jae ?   Hey there! I’m a English adult actress/performer from the United Kingdom. […]

Jasmine Jae it is a pleasure to have you do this interview with !!! How are you doing ? Please introduce yourself to those who may not be familiar with you ! Where are you from and who is Jasmine Jae ?


Hey there! I’m a English adult actress/performer from the United Kingdom. A tall, slim, busty brunette with killer eyes and insatiable lips. I’ve been gracing your TV and other screens for around 3 years in various states of undress, doing all those things you wish your wife or girlfriend would do!




How did you get into the adult film industry ?


I had a chance encounter with a well known male performer, Keiran Lee – it’s all his fault lol! He suggested I would be great as an adult actress due to my looks and sexual appetite. After careful thought I decided to take the plunge with Keiran in a scene for Brazzers and haven’t looked back since.




Do people approach you often about getting into the industry ? From your perspective how is it for men versus women in p### ?


Yeah I get asked for advice all the time. It’s easier for girls to get into the industry but harder for them to remain in demand depending on their look, attitude and performance on set. For guys is tends to be more difficult for them to get in with companies as producers tend to stick to their go-to, reliable guys but if a guy does well and is a consistently good performer then he will work regularly and for a long time. Attitude, commitment and, of course, performance goes a long way.




What are the things you like most and like least about your line of work?


Well I love the sex obviously! But also the travel, meeting some awesome people from all walks of life and being my own boss. The bitchiness and politics can get you down, especially for someone like me who has been successful in the industry – there is always someone wanting to drag you down – but other than that I think the industry is pretty great.


What makes for a good sex scene / sexual experience for you ? What turns you on ?


Whether I am working with a guy or girl, for it to be a truly great scene, there has to be chemistry. I love a guy who is eager to please and finds me sexy and who gives back as much as I give him rather than just going through the motions of position 1, position 2 etc. And for girls it is always a better scene when the girl actually likes having sex with girls. There are too many girls who obviously don’t find sex with girls a turn on but just do it to take the money, which really bugs me.




I know p### actresses have lists people they like to work with – whether it’s because of chemistry, personality or looks. If you have one who’s #1 on your list (male or female) ? Is or was there a particular person you preferred to work with more than others ? If so why ?


My favourite guy to work with is my husband Ryan Ryder. Apart from the obvious, he is a great performer and has never given me a bad scene. I also love working with Keiran Lee, Danny D, Ian Scott, Mike Angelo, juan lucho and chad white. I’m in the USA at the moment filming for the first time so hopefully I will have more names to add to that list soon! In terms of girls, Lexi Lowe, Samantha Bentley, Sienna Day, Anissa Kate, Chanel Preston & Dahlia Sky would be on top of my list.


Let’s talk a little about the business of the adult film industry… With the emergence of free p### does it affect how you make money ? Has it changed the adult film industry ?


Having been in the industry for a relatively short period of time, and as a performer rather than producer, I can’t really comment on the effect of the tube sites on the industry in a detailed manner. I can only go by what I hear from other p### veterans in that it has crushed a large proportion of producers and distributors. I have experienced companies reducing in number but I am lucky in that I have been able to work consistently for the past three years and seem to get busier rather than slower.


Is there more money from doing dvds and/or scenes with other professional websites or doing it on their own website or webcam ?

I think one thing drives the other. If you are a successful, well known p### star, working for the major companies, you generally benefit from a high profile and generate a dedicated fan following. This then drives your own personal website and webcam sales.



If you had to name one guy/girl, alive or dead, that you would sleep with, who would you pick ? They can be from any time in history. Make it interesting !


Tupac Shakur – I reckon he would have been a great f**k!




What do you think of the fascination with Hip-Hop and the adult film industry ? Nowadays we’re seeing more pornstars in music videos and things like that. Strip club culture is seen in a different light now than it was 10 years ago. How do you feel about the relationship between the two ?


I think anything that helps others see ‘P### Stars’ as real people and p### as a legitimate industry is great. If this is through hip hop videos, TV documentaries and other media channels then that’s awesome.



Like Hip-Hop, the adult film industry has created a lot of opportunities for adult film stars to branch off into other areas of entertainment. Sasha Grey, Lisa Ann to name a few. Are there other opportunities that p### has brought to you outside of the industry ? Are there things you’d want to pursue outside of adult entertainment ?


At the moment I am enjoying being in front of the camera and don’t have any plans to branch into other things outside of the industry. I have a first class honours degree in business management and marketing and was a marketing manager for many years so I would probably do something along those lines, but my to-do list for my current venture of p### is way too long to start thinking of other things just yet.




When you’re on set, how much of it is spontaneous ? Do you always give your all in a scene or are there days where “it’s just work” ?


I always, always give my absolute best in a scene. You’re only as good as your last scene so I am never complacent or lazy. At the end of the day, the producer has invested money in you and trusts you to do what you were booked to do so it is only fair and right to give it your all. Yes, you don’t always work with people you click with but that is where your talent as a performer and a professional comes in and sets apart the good and the great performers. I challenge anyone to look at my scenes and spot the ones where maybe I wasn’t feeling great, the chemistry wasn’t there Etc – you won’t find one because I am proficient in what I do and I care that all my scenes turn out the best way possible.




Would it be reasonable to say that p### has kept the Kleenex industry in business ?


Haha absolutely, and the baby wipe industry too. I always find it humorously ironic that I use baby wipes to wipe c## off me rather than on an actual baby.




Tell us more about yourself Jasmine, how would you define your sex appeal ? What do you feel is your best asset or trait that makes you the sexiest ?


Well I think the fact that I actually enjoy the on screen sex and sex in general shines through. I am a sexual, insatiable woman and that is always something that fans comment on when they watch my movies. My best asset? Hmmm most people would say my t### or my slim, athletic body but I would say my eyes – after all, eyes are the window to the soul.




Do you ever approach or are you more old fashioned and like to be approached ? If approached what does a man need to know before he approaches Jasmine Jae ? Would you ever date a fan or would that be creepy ?


I always liked to be approached. If a guy was approaching me then he would just need to be understated, polite and charming. Arrogance, corny chat up lines or presumptuous comments would be an instant turn off. I don’t think I would date a fan as I would like to meet someone as a blank canvas who didn’t have preconceived ideas about me and just want to f**k me. But that is a generalisation which isn’t always right so I would never say never.



Can we expect to see some new material from Jasmine Jae anytime soon ? What do you have coming up ?


I have a ton of scenes in the bank waiting to be released including Brazzers, Digital Playground, Killergram, c## louder and new sensations. I’m in America at the moment so expect plenty more scenes and movies to be added to this list!




Do you have any shout outs or anything you want to leave the fans with ? Where can we find more of your work or keep up to date with the beautiful Jasmine Jae ?


Just a massive thank you to all my fans for liking what I do. All updates on new scenes and my daily life can be found on my Twitter @_jasmine_jae and for webcam, Google my name and