The Women of Hip-Hop: Breaking Barriers and Making Waves

The hip-hop scene for women might not be as saturated as the men’s hip-hop scene, but there are still many great artists that represent this corner.

Women in hip-hop inspire us all around the world to be fearless in who we are. They have flow, charisma, style, and magnetism. Breaking barriers and making waves is part of their undeniable appeal, and most of us are here for it. 

We’ve compiled some of our favorite female artists in hip-hop with a little background info on why they’re hitting it hard. And on that subject, if you want more time to listen to your favorite music artists, send a ‘write essay for me’ request on Studyfy and hire someone to help you with the school. Free your time and listen to some music. Let’s get right into the list.

Doja Cat 

If you don’t live under a rock, you’ve probably heard of Doja Cat. Doja Cat started small, with a few tracks hitting it on Soundcloud. It wasn’t long until fame found her. It’s no surprise. Even her earlier tracks showcased a unique creativity that not many other artists genuinely had. Doja was turning heads from the start. She had that IT factor.

Now she puts out songs, and she raps. Doja is not only a good artist in the studio, but she’s also an amazing dancer and performer. She’s not shy from the spotlight, with many of her flamboyant and controversial looks on the front pages, from red bedazzled MET Gala looks to prosthetic cat faces. 

Before she was Doja, she was Born Amala Dlamini and grew up in no other than Los Angeles. She’s a genre-blending artist whose music features elements of pop, hip-hop, and R&B. Because of her unique persona, style, and her energetic music, Doja Cat has made herself a household name in the time of her career. 

Azealia Banks

Controversial and sometimes problematic but immensely talented, Azealia Banks is a genre-breaking woman of hip hop and one of the first who has rapped on house beats and went viral and mainstream. Unique, creative, bold, and very edgy, her music is a ride to explore. 

She sings, she raps, and she has immense creative direction over her songs and her videos. Despite her problematic past behavior, she’s maintained a global fanbase that appreciates her unique style and fearlessness. Since she challenges conventions and pushes boundaries, no wonder she’s made a name for herself in the hip-hop scene. 


Rapsody is on the list for being a powerful female rapper who’s highly skilled. In her lyrics, it’s apparent that her talent shines through. Not only that, but she writes very thought-provoking lyrics that tell an impactful story. She’s not superficial, and she likes to go deep. She’s gained critical acclaim because of this and, of course, a loyal fan base. 

She was bound to blow up, being featured in artists’ albums like Kendrick Lamar. She was born as Marlanna Evans, and her conscious rapping and exceptional lyricism have helped her pave a respectful career. She grew up in North Carolina. Rapsody uses her music to address social issues, her growth, how it is to be a black artist, and more. Her depth and talent have solidified her position in the rap game. 

Highly independent and very catchy hip-hop artist Qveen Herby has garnered global attention for her confident, catchy, and bold rapping style. A singer, rapper, and songwriter, Herby paved her way with the help of the internet, and it seems like her colorful music videos worked their magic on her fans. 

Qveen Herby

 Born as Any Noonan, she used to be part of the pop duo ‘Karmin’ before she set off on her own to do it solo. Her music is a functional blend of hip-hop, R&B, and pop. Her beats are fresh and never fail to make you thump your head. She’s a great representative of women in hip-hop. Her lyrics and songs empower many throughout the world. 


Sultry, confident, and talented rapper, singer, and songwriter Latto is an upcoming artist who is currently garnering worldwide attention. She recently just came out with a banger hit with world superstar Jungkook from BTS, so she’s going to get a lot of exposure from the single “Seven.” 

She was born Alyssa Stephens. She won a reality TV show, which also helped her build her music career. She was in the show called “The Rap Game” and has established herself in the music industry since. She’s confident and clever, and her lyrics are bold and don’t hold back like many women in hip-hop. She mixes trap, hip-hop, and R&B and has a loyal fan base. 

Nicki Minaj

Nicki has had a long run in the industry, and she hasn’t stopped. She’s very dedicated to her career. You have probably heard of Nicki Minaj in one way or the other – her bold, brash attitude and her striking visuals have gotten her some hostility but have also amassed a huge fan base. 

Nicki is controversial since she doesn’t hold back the punches, but there’s no denying that she’s a trendsetter, a very talented rapper, and a good singer. She’s released many songs since her career and established herself as a world-renowned superstar. 

She was born Onika Maraj, not too far from her stage name. She’s a Trinidadian-American who’s taken the world by storm with her witty wordplay, domineering attitude, and striking style. She mixes hip-hop, pop, and R&B. Her larger-than-life persona and fearless self-expression have only helped her gain global status. 

Final Thoughts

The hip-hop scene for women might not be as saturated as the men’s hip-hop scene, but there are still many great artists that represent this corner. Bold lyrics, bold looks, catchy music, and confident stars dominate the hip-hop scene and perhaps encourage their fans to break out of their shells. That’s why we love women in hip-hop. Their influence on our confidence is welcomed.