Vic Mensa Talks Donald Trump, Voting and More At Hip-Hop Caucus Panel


(AllHipHop News) Chicago born rapper Vic Mensa hosted an event with Respect My Vote today (June 6) in New York City, in an effort to engage young voters in the upcoming presidential election.

Last week, Vic Mensa announced a partnership with the Hip Hop Caucus (HHC) and their Respect My Vote initiative.

Today, the rapper sat down for a panel discussion with the HHC, fans and the media at Google at YouTube Studios in Manhattan.

There, Vic Mensa and HHC President and CEO Reverend Lennox Yearwood discussed the major issues facing this year’s election.

Vic Mensa noted the impact social media was playing, and not just for young voters, but also for candidates like Donald Trump, whose use of Twitter as a political candidate, has pretty much never been seen.

“This election is more in our digital age, with Donald trump – at first we were laughing but then we kept clicking,” Vic Mensa said about Trump’s unprecedented saturation of the media.

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Vic said that it was important to stay cool in the face of Trump and those who support his ideological beliefs.

“What we have to do going forward, we have to talk to people they don’t agree with us so we can prove them wrong,” said Vic Mensa.

Reverend Yearwood implored young people to look beyond the 2016 election, in order to pick a candidate that will have a lasting impact for future generations, who face an uncertain future thanks to war,global economic instability and global warming.

“What we have to do for our generation – this is about us,” Reverend Yearwood said. “When climate change hits, Bernie, Hillary, Donald, (they) won’t be around. We know that our parents, they fought for equality. Our generation – we fighting for our existence.”

Vic Mensa recently dropped new music to get his fans attention. Copies can only be obtained by registering to vote at from now until July 4th.