We Charge Zimmer-cide: Why Our Self-Destruction Is Not Self -Inflicted


“You’re the one that was tryin’ to keep me way down/

Like the sun you know I found my way back round.”     
                                              J Cole On “Crooked Smile”

Last week , Wild Bill O’Reilly went on one of his frequent rampages against  rap , blaming the genre for all of the problems facing the black community. However, this time the Fox commentator went extra hard, obviously, more than a little miffed by the way millions of black folks are outraged  over the George Zimmerman acquittal  for the murder of Trayvon Martin. So Bill used his bully pulpit to lecture 40 million black Americans on how to solve “the race problem.”  In his twisted right wing logic, he seemed to infer that if there weren’t  so many Black baby mamas who  listen to Hip Hop, Trayvon Martin would still be alive today! Well , it’s time that somebody put Ol’ Bill on blast. Now, O’Reilly wasn’t the first person in the last few weeks who blamed the Trayvon Martin murder on drugs, Black on Black violence,  rap music etc. But since he reaches millions of people every night, it is fair to say that  he is the loudest. O’Reilly’s Fox News team mate, Sean Hannity,  has had a field day with the Zimmerman Trial and former  “Mr. Party Like a Rock Star,” Ted Nugent referred to Trayvon  as a “dope smokin’ gangsta wanna be”

From the first day of the trial, the murmurs of “forget Sanford,what about Chicago ?” began to float around the conservative blogosphere. This has produced what is referred  to as  “Zimmercide” – the act of killing innocent Black children with impunity under the pretense of fear, then blaming the black community for the act.”

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JjT0sCTZkJs OK. I would be the first to admit that we have some major problems in the African American community and we do need to have a convo. But I refuse to sit idly by and let the likes of Bill O’Reilly and rock-scum Ted Nugent define the parameters of the conversation and determine when we are going to have it! So, instead of talking about what black people have done wrong, let’s deal with the evil that white men do. Historically, white people have been incapable of blaming themselves for any of the atrocities that they or their ancestors have committed against not only African Americans, but the indigenous cultures of the planet earth. Some may argue that it is against human nature to blame ones self for one’s actions, as philosophers have had endless debates over the subject. Also, in his book, “The Great White Lie,” Jack Gratus attempts to use Kurt Godel’s theorem to explain the inability of the European to have an honest discussion on racism. Whether they admit it or not,  history has recorded their many acts of genocide that make the southside of Chicago look like Disney World. From the Congo of Africa  to the Great Plains of America, the European  has a lot more blood on his hands than the “Chief Keefs”  of the world have on theirs. Contrary to popular belief “genocide” does not just mean hauling people off and exterminating them in gas ovens. According to the 1949 United Nations “Genocide Convention,” it also means “deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part. ” So anyone who sets the climate for black kids in hoodies who listen to Lil Wayne to be murdered by overzealous neighborhood watch people are also , be definition, guilty of genocide. Although  Bill O’Reilly mouthed off a whole bunch of statistics about the pathologies facing black people , as they say , statistics can conceal more than they reveal. While he  named rappers that degrade the black community, what he did not mention is that the top shot callers in the entertainment industry are old white men.  (But since we are supposed to be too  ignant to read books like Fredric Dannen’s , “Hit Men,” I guess we weren’t supposed to know
Also, while commentators keep  preachin‘  about the gang violence in Chicago, they forget the role that government agencies played in shutting down Fred Hampton’s attempt to stop the gang wars in Chicago as early as the 1960’s when COINTELPRO agents sent fake letters to Jeff Fort of the Black P. Stone Rangers ,claiming that the Panthers had put a hit on him. Even though they blame drug dealin’ for destroying the hood, they can’t seem to remember Gary Webb’s  “Dark Alliance” accusation that claimed it was the CIA that put crack in the ‘hood in the first place. The list goes on, but you get the point. What is most insulting about this whole charade , is that they are using their massive propaganda machines to paint the picture that there are not thousands black people across the country who have dedicated their lives to fighting social ills. There are also many Hip Hop thinkers that O’Reilly , Nugent and their ilk would never face on the intellectual battlefield. Those who would use the writings of Dr. Amos Wilson and Dr. Frances Cress Welsing  to properly diagnose  problems facing the black community and not just parrot some Moynihan report from almost 50 years ago. No matter how much these pundits want to blame black folks  for the “race problem,” truth is the problem ain’t the music we listen to or the clothes  we wear. It is global white supremacy and all issues we face stem from that fact. Like Wyclef Jean once rapped “Black on Black crime needs to stop/ya’ll can’t blame it on Hip Hop.

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