What Rapper Is Going Down For Sexual Assault?

question blind item

Well, what do we have here? A good old fashioned blind item! A rapper of note may have a sexual assault case looming.

This is what you call a blind item.

I bet there are people that are going to crack jokes and make light of this, but I believe it is going down. I definitely cannot say who, but I can say that a rapper of note is going to be accused of some serious sexual infraction dealing with a woman.

This particular rapper has had numerous issues through the years, but never violating a woman. He has been regarded as a good dude of sorts, but a bit of a narcissist. Anyway, if this particular woman decides to come forward, he is likely to suffer all kinds of repurcussions, because what’s left of his reputation will be destroyed.

Unfortunately, I cannot offer too many details other than this person – already controversial – really stands to lose it all! I do not even like him like that, but I am not wishing the wrath he’s facing on anybody except Donald Trump.

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