YouTuber and Model Tiana Musarra Is Now Releasing Music

“When we create, we always get more and more ideas from just one story happening in our lives, or even in our friend’s lives,” shares Tiana.

Billions of people around the world enjoy the passion and creativity that music can bring to their lives, and many of them choose to pursue it as their career. This is simultaneously motivating and difficult since so many others are choosing to do the same. There are many ways that a musician can make themselves stand out amongst the competition, one of them being a multi-talented creator. This is exactly what Tiana Musarra has accomplished. The model, YouTuber, and author are now pivoting her talents to singing and songwriting, using the world as her stage.

Born in New York, Tiana moved to Miami to pursue a career in modeling. This career perfectly suited her demeanor, and she has become a well-known face in the modeling industry. Tiana has even participated in globally renowned fashion events like New York Fashion Week. Even after accomplishing a series of milestones as a model, Tiana never wanted to limit her talent to a single industry. This is why she pivoted her talents toward songwriting.

In 2018, Tiana started writing poems to express her feelings and thoughts. Her friend is also a singer, and she motivated her to pursue songwriting as a career move. Initially, Tiana didn’t take it seriously, but she explored her talent further and started writing poems after a while. She changed her poems into songs that connected with people from all walks of life. In 2020, Tiana dropped her debut album, Odyssey, which had 7 songs. The album was released in collaboration with the famous singer Kish. Their musical talent complements one another, with Kish’s innate talent and Tiana’s smooth voice making the quality of the tracks top-tier.

Tiana and fellow artist Jahkoy are creating a 6-7 song EP, each track with R&B vibes. The two started the album unconventionally: they connected over Zoom since Tiana was in Miami and Jahkoy was in Canada at the time. They worked this way for 2 years, sharing their ideas and talents to create something special Now that Jahkoy has relocated to Miami, they’ll be finishing the album in a studio face-to-face.

One way the dynamic duo is making their music stand out is by creating tracks that are easy to relate to.

“When we create, we always get more and more ideas from just one story happening in our lives, or even in our friend’s lives,” shares Tiana. “The music always tends to come out really emotional and easy to connect to.”

In addition to her success as an artist, Tiana wrote a devotional journal titled 15 Days of Daily Devotions. Tiana’s daily devotional journey changed her life completely, and she believes it will do the same for others. Being an influencer and a model on social media has its own challenges. She had to deal with negative comments and hate from people who don’t even know her. Her faith in God has helped her, giving her the strength to carry on and achieve success.

Within a few days of publishing the journal, it sold out twice. This is quite an achievement for Tiana, considering this is the first book she has written. Tiana also hopes to continue this journey, sharing more devotional experiences with people in the coming years.