Zootiez Takes the U.S. Cannabis Market to New Heights with Prestige Strains

Zootiez’ approach has been impactful, innovating the cannabis gene pool and phenotypes to create rare new Ultra Premium Cannabis flavor profiles

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As the world of cannabis continues to expand across the United States following statewide legalization efforts, consumers are beginning to place an increased level of importance on the quality and flavors of the cannabis they consume. Gone are the days of buying whichever product is available due to an inherent lack of choices; now, with the number of cannabis dispensaries located in the U.S. on a continual rise, consumers are presented with such a robust selection of strains it can be almost overwhelming to make a decision on what to purchase.

With more than 700 recognized cannabis strains to choose from, a number only on the rise as cannabis cultivators continue to innovate new strains with every passing day, it’s become vital for consumers to weed through strain selections to find the highest quality, most impactful buds. As nationwide legalization continues to loom on the United States horizon, this consumer need to source quality cannabis is only expected to grow in turn.

Enter luxury cannabis brand Zootiez, which has become a bona fide trailblazer in the cannabis community for its high-quality strains and sumptuous panache. Holding strong to the belief that cannabis is a high-end product, Zootiez has created an international reputation for the flavorful and potent proprietary strains that it has meticulously cultivated, all while ushering in a new era of cannabis consumption in the process.

Oft referred to as the “Rolls-Royce of Cannabis,” Zootiez luxurious ethos is reflected from beginning to end of its product development process, with care and precision infused from the starting stages of cannabis cultivation all the way to consumer sales. The company’s goal is only bolstered by its founder’s own Californian roots, as he looks to hold the Zootiez cultivation phases to the mega-high standards Northern California has become known for.

Likewise, the Zootiez team – also known as Zootiez Connoisseurs-men – is filled with experienced cultivators, creatives, and unique visionaries with more than 30 years in the business, helping ensure rigorous quality standards and growth plans to create the sumptuous strains beloved by celebrities and consumers across the United States.

Zootiez’ approach has been impactful, innovating the cannabis gene pool and phenotypes to create rare new Ultra Premium Cannabis flavor profiles that fans have come to expect and admire from the brand.

With quality and potency held as paramount, Zootiez and its famed Ultra Premium Cannabis are already well on its way to fulfilling Zootiez’ aim to find its place amongst the upper echelon of luxury powerhouses like Richard Millie and Hermes.

For more on Zootiez, explore its website for the latest updates.