AKON Talks Running For President With Kanye, Music Domination, Plans For Africa + More!

Chuck Creekmur talks to Akon and they run the gamut of his ambitions from running for president to musical domination to unifying Africans And Americans.

(AllHipHop Video) AllHipHop talks to business man, philathropist and musician Akon about Jay-Z, NFL, Kanye West, T-Pain, cryptocurrency, Put it simply- through action – the Akon details his intricate plan for world musical domination as well. Believe it or not, he’d consider running for president…with Kanye provided the right timing. In this interview, he also talks about why he blames himself, in part, for why T-Pain lost $40 million. Akon even discusses Eddie Murphy’s “Coming To America 2,” the sequel to the classic movie. Check out this conversation with Chuck Creekmur and one of the savviest, wisest minds of our time, Akon.