All Def Digital’s #TheSignal Presents Kings Dead’s “So What”


Boston duo, Kings Dead, consists of MC/song writer, Sonny Shotz, and Producer/Film Scorer, Alexander Mendoza. With an eclectic, alternative, hip-hop sound, they’ve been recognized as the one of the hottest college touring acts in the United States, performing at over 50 colleges and universities. These guys put in work! In sequence, they’ve released projects including Jerusalem, Revenge of The Beast, as well as Utopia, that have charted on Itunes with over 100,000 downloads online.

Sending the listeners, along with the main character, on a trip to the future in the first chapter, Utopia Too is the finale of this concept. In the last chapter, you will find yourself in a vulnerable place of honesty and self-awareness that you will only find in Utopia.