B-Real Of Cypress Hill Talks About Tour And New Music


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DJ Hustle caught with the legendary B Real of Cypress Hill, B Real is about jump on tour, also he putting out new music. B Real says music has evolve he is very happy to see Hip-Hop change.

Producers are making the beats themselves and it shows the growth in hip hop. B Real Says at the of the day a artists is going to be artists.

Cypress Hill Discography
1991: Cypress Hill
1993: Black Sunday
1995: Cypress Hill III: Temples of Boom
1996: Unreleased and Revamped
1998: Cypress Hill IV
2000: Skull & Bones
2001: Stoned Raiders
2004: Till Death Do Us Part
2009: Smoke N Mirrors
2010: Rise Up
2012: Cypress X Rusko

2005: The Gunslinger
2006: The Gunslinger Part II: Fist Full of Dollars
2007: The Gunslinger Part III: For a Few Dollars More
2010: The Harvest Vol. 1: The Mixtape
2013: Serial Killers (with Xzibit & Demrick) – Serial Killers, Vol. 1
2014: The Medication