Buttah Man Comedy Store Appearance

Buttah Man Tells All In Comedy Routine In LA

Buttah Man has been in the Hip-Hop journalism community for years, now Buttah has found new life in the field of comedy. In his last few year, Buttah has announced his sexual orientation and he uses that to fuel his comedy routine at the historic Comedy Store in Los Angeles Take a listen to Buttah Mas’s transition.

I’ve found my greater purpose in comedy. With humor I can tell my story while taking on homophobia that exists in Hip Hop & Caribbean Culture, Two communities of which I’m proud to be a part of. Although progress is happening, there’s still a long way to go for LGBT acceptance.   I went from someone who was afraid to tell people my truth to now living it onstage every night. This performance represents a milestone for me as a comedian. Making my debut in the place  where so many comic legends performed and got their start. Thanks to DJ Trauma, Sarah Mello of Mellow Mondays, and Derek Brin for shooting this debut.  Thanks to  Comedy Store for their support.