Charlamagne Awards Donkey Of The Day To Sage The Gemini

The “Red Nose” rapper admits to wanting to stab ex-girlfriend Jordin Sparks

Photo: Instagram

Following the very public breakup between American Idol singing starlet Jordin Sparks and Sage the Gemini, the Bay Area rapper took to Instagram for a heartfelt letter to his now-former girlfriend. Sage’s gripping post where he pours out his remorse for the breakup, Bryson Tiller-style, just wasn’t quite enough for the pop singer.

In the Donkey of the Day segment, Charlamagne plays audio of Sage saying that he wanted to stab Jordin Sparks. He then proceeds to mention the gracious $70 thousand dollar loan for his new home and calls her a b*tch for not laughing at his jokes.

Check out the audio and what C Tha God had to say about it all.