EBro Angry Major News Sources Ignored Justice Or Else March


This past weekend millions gathered in Washington D.C. for the Justice or Else movement lead by the Nation of Islam. Joining together for a positive movement to foster justice and peace millions of people from all walks of life gathered in peace. But while many gathered very few news sources covered the peaceful gathering. E-Bro said, “this year had a different vibe,” when recapping the march on Monday’s Hot97 morning show.

E-Bro said the movement was all “positive,” but that he was sad about the fact that everyone was coming together due to police brutality and continued violence against Blacks.

“While it was positive, I did have a feeling of sadness,” E-Bro lamented, “Because now here we are 20 years later gathering because we are being victimized, criminalized and mass incarcerated, and trying to stand up for ourselves, against oppression still. 20 years later.”

Also in attendance showing support were Snoop, Diddy, J-Cole, Jeezy, Dave Chappelle, Common and Jay Electronica. Take a listen as E-Bro kicks that knowledge!