Flo Rida Adds Flare To New Party Anthem With The Gutta Twins


Born in Fort Lauderdale, and bred in Jamaica, 22 year old Twin brothers Derrty and Delly known as The Gutta Twins got a heavy buzz with records like “Juice” and “2 F##” garnering over 250,000 plays on Soundcloud. The Twins have built a reputation amongst teens and adults alike due to their melodic rap style and high energy performances. In 2015, The Twins were signed to Adam Kluger’s Nontra Records and are currently promoting their first single “Miami” featuring multi-platinum recording star Flo Rida.

“Miami is a party record that showcases the city we love. We from Lauderdale and wanted to make a song that expresses how we feel every time we cross that Miami Dade county line,” Derrtt if the Gutta Twins explained.

With Flo Rida on the track this song has a real chance to be one of those Winter party anthems and their buzz online is undeniable with those kind of SoundCloud numbers. Enjoy below for that turn up time at the party.