Master P Warns All New Era Rappers: “Social Media Gimmicks And Stunts Will Not Help Your Career..”


Master P States in a recent interview:

“The music industry record sales are at an all time low. Many new wave Hip-Hop artists use controversy to gain spotlight attention but it may only hinder their careers. The chance of landing a record deal opportunity is little to none when there is little profit in the music business due to the internet piracy of music. Fake beefs and social media stunts are irrelevant to building music careers,” Master P says.

“It seems like that in this generation, there’s a great lack of hard work. A lot of artists look for handouts from successful moguls and companies. By me being a CEO from the projects, I will not hand out cash or checks for mixtapes, they are free. It’s called paying dues, we sold records out the trunks of our cars back in the day. Nobody gave us anything. We’re bringing back the boxing gloves at No Limit, if somebody got a problem we’ll settle it old school style. We are publicity-stunt free over here.”

When an OG speaks, you listen, so when Master P recently took the time to address the “new era” rappers and rappers use of social media, the façades and all that comes with a fake profile in the game, it was time to pay attention.