Mims Remembers Old Dirty Bastard and Biggest Influences

Mims of “This Is Why I’m Hot” fame remembers sharing the stage with ODB and other musical influences.

(AllHipHop News) Mims is most known for his smash hit “This is Why I’m Hot” but now the New York rapper is ready for his second act. In an interview with AHH, Mims talks opening up for Wu-Tang, working with Old Dirty Bastard and his favorite performers.

“You know obviously I’m a New Yorker at heart. Every aspect of New York is in me, it’s in my music.  This is the music I grew up with the irony is that even though I had a lot of early commercial success , my stage performance and my background as a performer really comes from being on the road with the best MCs of all time , like the Method Mans a few members of the Wu Tang clan ,  just being able to watch these guys perform.”

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