Paul Wall Talks Being White In Hip-Hop, Addresses Influencing Riff-Raff


In a candid interview with Hot97, E-Bro and Rosenberg had a deep discussion with Paul Wall as he made his media rounds to promote his new Slab God album.  The Hot97 guys definitely know how to ask the right questions and how to dig in deep – anyone else remember E-Bro arguing with Riff Raff?

Case in point is this rare interview with Paul Wall where he talks about what its been like to be white in Hip-Hop and growing up being different over the years.  As the conversation evolves Paul breaks down his feelings about Riff Raff when asked and how he is percieved by the Hip-Hop world. Coming from the same city as Riff Raff, Paul has a unique take on this. Press play below, the conversation of Paul’s race gets started at the 13:00 min mark.