PREMIERE: Coley Ft. Bun B – "Alley Oop"


Coley unleashes the video for his second single “Alley Oop” featuring Bun B off his upcoming album. Want to learn more about Coley? Check out our Q&A with him below.




Where are you from?



What inspires you to make music?

Truth. When I look deep inside about why I give everything in my being to this crazy ass path, it’s because I hope to wake people up to enjoy the ride, not take themselves too seriously and take risks. We only got one movie. My music is the soundtrack to my adventures and views. That voice is worth giving everything. It’s either that or I have a chronic talking problem that only music can cure.


Who are your musical influences?

Jay Z. Bob Marley. David Lee Roth. Beastie Boys. Animal mating calls.


What is your mission in Hip Hop?

To poke fun at society, I’m a satirist in some ways. I plan to play the game as a conscious capitalist while mocking the fact that I’m doing it. If this was about making money, I woulda stayed on Wall Street. It ain’t about broads, been scoopin those since kindergarten. Do my fair share on those fronts but everyone who knows me knows I only care about speaking my mind. I got some s### I just gotta say.


What makes you different than other artists?

Hip hop’s first dude pimp. One and only Coley baby. Check my s### and it’s self explanatory. I do dunk flips playa.


What inspired this song/video?

The bro code. There is a way to conduct yourself in the game that keeps it real with your own interests while also helping your bros get what they want. When it comes to business and women you gotta follow the code. When I oop you a biz opp or tee up a jammy, I know you’ll dunk it correctly and vice versa. Nash economics = those who play together, win together. It’s the hustlers’ anthem and to have the OG hustler Bun B cosign the record was a blessing. It was incredible working with him.


What other projects are you working on?

I have 2 albums in the can, one mastered to be released soon and the other in the mixing phase. Have 3 more music videos in the can and shooting more monthly. We start dropping ish regularly starting with “Alley Oop” featuring Bun B. I also own my label Revel Music Group and fund everything myself. We signed our first artist to Sony and are vertically integrated with publishing and concert divisions and an in-house production team. It’s a 100 hour week hustle running everything but I’ve built a dream team, and we plan to body s### step by step.


What’s next for you as an artist?

Keep growing and making crazier s###.


What still surprises you about Hip Hop?

It’s rise in cultural stature. Hip hop went from a fun activity in the basement to a billionaire dollar market with visionary artists that are today’s pop stars. Rappers are involved in political campaigns and have a huge social effect. It’s awesome. At its core it’s poetry and a gift with words. That’s why I’ve loved it since a kid, and I hope my voice can add a new perspective to the mix.


Dream Collaborators

Jay Z. Kanye. Nicki Minaj. Rage Against the Machine. Red Hot Chili Peppers.