PREMIERE: Famous 2 Most – "Z.A.N.Z."

Famous 2 Most Releases The Official Visual For “Z.A.N.Z.”

Signed to super-producer Bangladesh’s label, the duo known as Famous 2 Most are responsible for creating popular dances such as the “Whoop Rico,” the “Nae Nae,” and the “Whip” dance.

Hasani and PJ met in high school and they are both yet to reach their 21st birthday. The young duo have been featured in Complex Magazine and the New York Times. You can find their dances on all over YouTube, during Sunday night football, and even in a McDonald’s commercial. All of the dances have songs tied to them and that’s exactly what keeps the pair in the studio cooking up hits.

Their fan base ranges from elementary school kids to pro athletes, who all show tremendous support through countless interactions on social media. Together, their YouTube views peak well over the million count mark and collectively their Instagram followers total over 100,000.

Their latest song “Z.A.N.Z.” — produced by Hasani for Bangladesh Productions — has begun to generate a buzz among their following and has attracted many new listeners to their sound. Famous 2 Most is stocked full of potential and they truly live up to their name, as they are already Famous To Most.