Skeme Reflects On Ingleworld 3 & “36 Oz.” Featuring Chris Brown

INGLEWOOD’S SKEME REFLECTS ON HIS ‘INGLEWORLD 3’ PROJECT! dropped in Skeme’s in­store appearance at Fairfax Avenue’s KAYO store a few weeks back  to listen to the new album and catch up with the 24­ year ­old spitter who is currently signed to Jentry Salvatore’s MADE Headlines production company, distributed by San Francisco ­based Empire Distribution.

According to Skeme, Atlantic Records and eOne have both expressed interest lately. He is also said to have turned down offers from TDE before ­­ and even raps about an Interscope offer that didn’t appeal to him, which may or may not have been via TDE.

As to what sound Ingleworld 3 has to offer listeners, Skeme said he simply wants his fans and the media alike to know that he is “extremely diverse” when it comes to his brand of rap.

“I think between [Ingleworld] 1, 2 and 3, if you looks at the change in sounds, it’s a very clean thing to say about me,” Skeme said.

Recording the project at the famed Record Plant studios in Hollywood, Skeme was able to finagle Chris Brown ­­ “that’s the homie” ­­ into a collaboration that became “36 Oz.”

Skeme reflected on this verse for “360z” in a behind the scenes look with Power 106, examining just one of the many great tracks that’s making waves across the internet from Ingleworld 3.

“They Hatin’ On Me, Fakin’ On Me, But Still I Ain’t Trippin'”  – Skeme (“36 Oz.” – Ingleworld 3)