Young Thug’s Fiancee Is Beefing With His Former Artist!


(AllHipHop Rumors) Can’t we all just get along!

Well it looks like Young Thug’s former artist, Akbar V, and his fiancee certainly aren’t seeing eye-to-eye. The two have been beefing on Instagram so bad that even Thugger had to jump in.

Akbar says she’s going to smack Thug’s fiancee Jerrika Karlae for talking about her kids. Jerrika Karlae clapped at Akbar for talking about her and others behind their backs.

Jerrika is also claiming that Akbar is trying to use beefing with her for fame. Jerrika also accused Akbar for trying to play the victim now.

Akbar wants to know why Jerrika has time to worry about what she allegedly said when she’s dating one of the richest young rappers in the name.

Akbar says on everything Jerrika woke a sleeping giant, and she will in fact get slapped on sight. Akbar V tell’s Jerrika and Thugger that she doesn’t kiss ass for anything…not even her late mother’s ass.

Akbar says while she’s happy for Thugger because they are from the same block, Thugger can still catch these hands of hers also since he wants to jump in it.


Young Thug took to Instagram to defend Jerrika with a post that said,

“Aint a b-tch on earth I love and care bout more than her….. I’m ride on b-tches bout her.”

As far as Akbar is concerned, Thug needs to “check his b-tch.” I wonder how this will play out.