Here Are Some Of The Best And CHEAPEST Places to Travel For The Weekend As Lockdowns Lift!

Travel restrictions are easing around the world, as the pandemic subsides. Check out some of the BEST places to travel for the weekend!

The last year’s been tough. But now the end is in sight. Vaccines are rolling out across the world. And pandemic restrictions are starting to ease up – including restrictions on travel.

Now could be the perfect time to start booking that vacation you’ve been craving all this time. A chance to explore a new city or even a new country. But what if you haven’t got the holiday time or money to book a two-week vacation?

A weekend away could be all you need. There are lots of great reasons to choose a weekend break over a longer vacation: a) it’s a lot more affordable b) you don’t have to book as much time off work and c) you can cram in lots of activities so that you won’t get bored. It could even be a way of visiting multiple destinations in a year instead of just settling for one annual vacation.

Of course, when planning a weekend away, you don’t want to be jetting off too far. Not only will it be expensive to fly to Sydney or Thailand, but you could end up spending more time on a plane than at your actual destination.

Staying in the US is often the easiest option, however, if you’re eager to go abroad there are still many places within reach including Canada, Mexico, and even parts of Western Europe and South America.

Below is a guide to some of the best places to travel to for a fun weekend away including some info on what to do while you’re there and how much you can expect to spend, including. hotels, flights, and some spending money.

Bear in mind that some of these places are still yet to lift lockdown rules and may not be possible to travel to straight away.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Most tourists visit the Dutch capital for one of the three things: the weed, the nightlife, and the notorious red-light district. If you’re young and looking for fun, then you definitely won’t be disappointed by Amsterdam. However, there’s so much more to this city if you’re all about the culture. It’s full of fascinating museums, and there are so many exciting options for getting around including hiring a bike, taking a tram, cruising down the canal, or even taking a double-decker train. East coast residents are likely to find this city more easily accessible than those on the west – it’s about a 7-hour flight from New York. It’s also a very expensive city (so save up your pennies).

Average 3-night weekend cost for a solo traveler: $1235