These Rappers Have The HOTTEST Wives!

Jay-Z and Beyonce

You might be SHOCKED at some of these rappers who are happily married to some of the baddest women!

What is the ultimate trophy signifying a successful rapper is not his car, his jewels, or his chart-topping hits? Some would say that it is the beautiful woman on his arm. What signifies that they are not only successful but probably gonna use their money to nation-build and create generational wealth … is their ability to settle down with that beautiful woman on their arm, empower her to walk in her genius, run her business (and in some cases their business) and make her the queen of their lives.

In 2020, there was a whole uproar about rappers and their Black wives (that their wives didn’t respect them, that they were too rooted in colorism to see their beauty and that if they did have them those women didn’t bring anything to the table. Welp, here is a list to prove all of that wrong.

Check out these rappers who have drop-dead gorgeous wives who are more than just eye-candy.