All Gold Everything: Trinidad James Speaks


It was Thanksgiving night. Stuffed full of good food, with a couple hundred dollars designated for a Black Friday television sale burning a hole in my pocket. I sat in a driveway on the east side of Atlanta waiting for a family member. While I waited, Lil’ Bankhead said, “If this record ain’t broke already, we breaking it tonight.” And, the legendary record-breaking DJ played the same song eleventy-million times… Well, maybe it was only about 12 times, but it was 12 times back to back to back.

The song was “All Gold Everything” and in true ATL tradition, the song became a hit locally that night and quickly became a hit around the country. The record reached #6 on the Billboard Rap Charts and became an anthem for most of the winter.

But winter is gone. It’s Spring and everyone is wondering and waiting on what’s going to come next from the Trini man.

This past Thursday, May 2nd, we hoped to hear some new music from Trinidad James. But, instead, we were treated to an amazing meal from TreeSound Studios resident chef/studio manager, Mali Hunter, and heard some cool music from some other Atlanta artists, including Rich Homie Quan who is popping with “Differences.”

While the All Gold Everything party wasn’t the listening party we all expected, Trinidad James was presented with his gold plaque from Def Jam for the success of his debut single and media was allowed to ask the rapper a few questions.

His swag is a cross between hipster chic and weird old man, yet, Trinidad James (born Nicholas Williams) sat in a quiet studio talking softly to his beautiful mother. With a soft accent and a beautiful personality, he answered a few questions. Trinidad has a peaceful demeanor. He talked a lot about energy, about knowing the true nature of a person.

Educated in Catholic schools, he was well-spoken and soft-mannered, everything about him was different from the image he projects. But, maybe not. Maybe he has always been who he is, and it’s been us who’ve been wrong this whole time. Judging him only by his looks, calling him “Jerome” from Martin, when in reality, he’s just another 25-year-old who is living a rap dream. A hipster with a thrift shop fashion sense and a rap style that is an amalgamation of all of those who came before.

We hope that the new album is good. There hasn’t been much of a follow-up to “All Gold Everything,” and “All Gold Everything (Remix)”  the next song, “Females Welcomed,” hasn’t broken onto the charts yet, and Thanksgiving is still months away. This time, when Trinidad James breaks a new record, it will have to be on his own.

Check out our interview with Trinidad James: