’s Top 10 Tongue Twisting MCs


Was the speedy-spittin’ MicroMachines/FedEx guy the one that started it all?

Who knows? But it seems like there has been a resurgence of MCs using the “twisting” style of rap made famous by the Midwest years ago. At one point, Twista and Bone Thugz almost got into some beef about who started this style.

Our twisting list goes back into the 90s and works its way through to artists like Yelawolf, Cory Gunz, and MGK who are bringing back one of the most impressive skills in an MC’s arsenal. If you can keep up with the lightning speed, enjoy’s Top 10 Tongue Twisting MCs (#pause!):

# 10 Machine Gun Kelly (MGK) – This Bad Boy signee is making lots of noise in 2011, and it seems like his live show is living up to the expectations of his fans. Sold out shows, crowd diving, surfing, hanging from the rafters, and he was just recently in the BET Hip Hop Awards Show Cypher. Dude is over the top, and so is his flow.

#9 Mystikal – Although the only thing related to his bars that we’ve heard from this former No Limit artist in years are due to his run-ins with the law and his rape charges, Mystikal can rap just as fast as anyone on this list. And since he’s still obligated to Jive for one more album, we may hear from him sooner than later. Until then, reminisce on “Make’em Say Ugh.”

#8 Yelawolf – Embodying the grit of the state of Alabama and the rawness of skate culture, Yelawolf is one of Eminem’s new protégées on Shady Records. His debut album, dropping in November entitled Radioactive, is sure to do some numbers. Check “Good to Go” and you’ll know why he’s good to go with the best of the best in this circle of MCs…

#7 Ludacris –  Luda broke into the game with a cadence and style that no other MC had.  Known for his club bangers and features that guarantee a #1 hit, Luda isn’t scared to push the envelope on music that still makes it to radio. He is defitely one of the most animated of our twisting rappers, but not quite the fastest.

#6 OutKast – Some of the most energetic and creative MCs on the mic, these guys can keep up with some of the highest tempos and beats per minute imaginable. Take a listen to songs like “B.O.B. (Bombs Over Baghdad),” and question no more.

#5 Tech N9ne – While Tech N9ne has been grinding hard for years, it wasn’t until recently that the Kansas City MC became a household name by being featured on Lil’ Wayne’s The Carter IV. You would be hard pressed to find another independent MC that has grossed as much in revenue as Tech did over the past few years. Respect this dude’s hustle.

#4 Busta Rhymes
– Busta just took home the award for the” Sweet 16: Best Featured Verse” at the BET HIp-Hop Awards this year and has always been known as one of the fastest flowwing MC’s in the game… This guy doesn’t waste bars. From his years with Leaders of the New School, to Extinction Level Event, to his years at Aftermath/Interscope, Busta could always flip his words with the best of ’em.

#3 Eminem – Even with millions and millions of records sold, a label that’s signed some of the hottest in the game, Eminem was almost overlooked on this list. But, after further consideration, we can’t leave this guy out. In fact, he needs to go to the top of list after watching this video with Dre. We almost forgot about Dre. It’d be nice to hear this type of collab on the urban legend we call Detox.

#2 Bone Thugs N Harmony [Bizzy Bone, Layzie Bone, Krayzie Bone] – At one point, these lyric-twisting Cleveland MCs were actually beefing with Midwest counterpart Twista about who really started the style of twisting, still over the years these guys became one of the greatest selling Hip-Hop groups of all time.  A few Grammy Awards, years of Bizzy Bone antics, and Krayzie Bone getting fed up with a lack a of productivity, and Bone Thugz N Harmony finally called it quits this year.  It can’t be for good, though. They harmonized too well for them to NEVER get back together.

#1 Twista
– His name says it all. How could we NOT give the title belt to one of Chicago’s finest? Go back and listen to Do or Die’s “Po Pimp,” “Adrenaline Rush,” “Overnight Celebrity,” or any of his other classics like “Slow Jamz” with Jamie Foxx and Kanye West. He is the best hands down.