Nas: Defining Moments

A Look at some of the Defining Moments of Nas

On any list of the greatest hip-hop artists to ever do it, his name is mentioned. Whether Top 5 Dead or Alive, Top 3 of All Time, there is one name that is almost never disputed… Nas.

And just like the hip-hop culture that bred him did last month, today, the God MC is turning 40. He has been celebrating his special day with parties in New York and Las Vegas. He has been celebrated by his peers with shout outs and write-ups by magazines and websites. It is all well-deserved.

With 13 albums under his belt, Nas is more than an emcee; he is an anchor of this culture. He is one of our greatest living legends.

Complex Magazine kicked off “Nas Week,” with content about the man, the artist. Here is their unique original video feature,  “Nas: Defining Moments.”