Roscoe Dash Beyond “Turnt Up”


It is the most commonly used saying in hip-hop today, “Turn Up!”  Roscoe Dash gave new meaning to the words  thanks in part to the huge success of his single “All The Way Turnt Up.” When “All the Way Turnt Up” was first released as “Turnt Up” under the Travis Porter mixtape, “I’m Differenter 2,” none of the ATL-based teens (at the time) had any idea how far the song would go. It turned out to be the summer banger of 2009 and would forever change the hip-hop lexicon.  But, it was also a gift and a curse.

The popularity of the single, for which he got little credit, not to mention his feature on “No Hands,”got Roscoe Dash signed to Interscope. But his album, Ready Set Go was leaked and after several pushbacks has no release date. However, the 23-year-old is still making great music, planning to release a DVD called “The Untold Story of Roscoe Dash,” featuring behind the scenes of his original single, and the moves that he has been making behind the scenes spending hiatus time with classic artists like Bun B and Juvenile. “I believe in making timeless music,” Dash says, “That’s why I felt like it was cool to take a step back from where I was and going back to do something even bigger.

Dash is anxious to prove his talent as a rapper (not a singer) and now a producer. In this exclusive interview, Roscoe Dash dishes on what he has been up to since the enormous success of his smash single “All The Way Turnt Up”, his unique style of music, his plans to expand and reach out to all corners of the world with his music, and his new collaboration with Juvenile.

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