Hip-Hop Rumors: Did Trick Daddy G-Up On Lil Wayne In Miami?


Trick Daddy has been pretty quiet lately, but he’s back on the scene in a major rumory way. We all know Trick Daddy loves the kids, but maybe not the kids of Birdman if this rumor is true. When I say “kids” I mean Lil Wayne. I got a tip – which I cannot verify – that Wayne may have gotten checked by the quiet Hip-Hop King of Miami. They say that Weezy was in King of Diamonds strip club and Trick Daddy rolled up with some friends. They allegedly let the YMCMB boss know that he wasn’t welcome in the building at that time. And soon thereafter, Wayne departed without incident, if having cigarette buds throwing at you by other men is considered without incident. Not sure if Wayne was already about to leave or not, but the source that sent this over said that he got checked by Trick Daddy and friends. Why? I wasn’t told, but I can only assume that it may be related to the stuff that got him in hot water with The Heat and Pitbull, another King of MIA-Yo. I don’t quite believe this one, but there are additional details that I omitted so I don’t know for sure.

UPDATE: According to VladTV, this is how it went down in real life. Trick Daddy went IN.

“If anybody don’t like it they can die tonight,” Trick said. “I don’t care who be offended by what I say. I rep my city and want nobody disrespecting. We’ve got to stick together as radio, as artists, as DJs and fans who love the music as a whole. That’s what makes a community. Me and Luke been talking, we’ve been getting together, we’re going to find out some type of way to get this thing back on the road — I can’t go nowhere else, this is my home. So from now on, when they get here, they’re going to have to start checking in.”

Once inside the club, things became more strained when Trick Daddy located Weezy and allegedly threw a cigarette at him. After the situation began drawing attention Lil Wayne was escorted out of the club, despite King of Diamonds trying to difuse the situation by tweeting “YMCMB in the Building!!!!! No worries…”


Lets increase the peace!

They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry! -illseed.

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