Hip-Hop Rumors: Do Drake and Lil Wayne Have Issues?


Here’s another one. The millionth time we’ve herd a rumor than Drake and Lil Wayne have some kind of issue. Just for the record, I Drake has repeatedly insisted that he has NO issue with Cash Money/Young Money and he’s also repeated said that Wayne is his brother. But Mouthtoears.com is getting something else in their chamber. See what they are saying.

Well what’s the problem now?

A few months ago, rumors about Wayne and Drake beefing were circulating around. Wayne quickly put those to rest by bringing Drake on stage to perform with him.

But was that all a front?

Our sources tell us, there’s some bad blood between the two rappers. You notice you haven’t seen them together recently. That’s not because of their “oh so busy” schedules.
The two are feuding and it has us wondering what does the future hold for Drake and Cash Money?

Now that Cash Money has brought in Game and he’s having trouble with Wayne, what does Drake plan on doing? Y’all know he can be a little sensitive…maybe he will bounce and be the first rapper signed to his own label, OVO Sound.

That might be his move and it probably wouldn’t be a bad one. Let’s just hope, whatever is causing issues between him and Weezy has nothing to do with a girl.

I don’t think I believe this one, ya’ll.

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“They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!” -illseed.

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