T-Pain: My Depression and Lil Wayne Getting Arrested Stopped T-Wayne Album


(AllHipHop News) When Lil Wayne and T-Pain donned their “He Raps..He Sings” T-Wayne shirts on the video of Lil Wayne’s “Got Money” in 2008, it was almost a foregone conclusion that these two would release an album. Over five years, one jail sentence and a bit of miscommunication, T Pain recently revealed what has kept his joint project with Lil Wayne from surfacing.

In an interview with VladTV, T-Pain reveals that not only was him and Wayne set to release a joint album, there were talks of Pain getting signed to Young Money. Pain admits that Wayne being arrested for gun possession and subsequently imprisoned halted their plans, but concedes that he was not in the best condition upon Wayne’s return:

When Wayne got out of jail that’s when all the s### started happening when I was supposed to get on Young Money and all that s### there. So, we would have been in a different situation. But the sh*t kinda came to a halt because it was just like ‘Alright, this too much’…Not only was it just like real confusing, but that’s also when I started really taking a break from this sh*t because I was going crazy and I started drinking. I started really f*ckin drinking too much because I was depressed and I was like ‘F*ck, Wayne in jail.’ It started getting real crazy for me.

Pain’s signing to YMCMB was not only halted due to Wayne’s incarceration but from an apparent miscommunication between Pain’s management and the heads of YMCMB, Brian “Baby” Williams and Ronald “Slim” Williams. According to Pain, he was informed by his management that the two label heads did not want ot sign the artist due to his drinking problem and the fact he told the truth too much. He approached the two men a year later and addressed the allegations:

Do I really drink too much because you know at some point, no disrespect, and I understand if you take this as disrespect, but Wayne was a little worse than me. Like as far as drinking and drugs and s### like that. Come on guys, really? Do I drink too much and y’all don’t do nothing too much?’ I was just kinda like saying how they felt. And they was basically like ‘Yeah, we didn’t really—we didn’t say that. We didn’t say any of that.’ So I’m like ‘So, what? So, why can’t I sign to Young Money or Cash Money?’ And they was like ‘We don’t like your managers.’ I was like ‘What?’ They was like ‘We don’t f### with your management.’

Apparently this meeting occurred in 2011, around the time of Wayne’s return and the same year Pain released his first album not on Jive Records with his RCA Records release of Revolver.

Check out the full interview here.