Ponders the Zany, Interchangeable Worlds of NBA Ballers vs. Rappers


With the NBA Playoffs kicking off today, we thought it would be fun to note the comparisons between rappers and NBA ballers!

We see them kick it in the club at NBA All-Star Weekend every year; they listen to Hip-Hop before games to get hype, and some NBA players love the music so much, that they even go on to start rap labels (i.e. Carmelo signed Cassidy…what!?!?).

But, what if the existing NBA Players were some of today’s top rappers? And what if rappers were some of our favorite NBA players? Who would they be? Who are their parallel artists or ballers?

We know everyone wants to be like Mike, but everyone can’t be MJ. This might be all barbershop talk and heresay, but this is a lil’ run down of our choices for the closest comparisons between NBA Ballers vs. Rappers:

Delonte West vs. T.I.

Ridin’ around strapped is what these dudes do. Well, T.I. might not anymore because he’s on that “Family Hustle,” but Delonte for sure. We all know about T.I.’s famous arrest a few years back before the BET Awards, but what about Delonte West? Getting caught riding around on the 2009 Can-Am Spyder motor bike with a 9mm Beretta on his waist, a Ruger .357 strapped to his leg, and a shotgun inside a guitar case slung over his back. WOW! CHILL, HOMIE!

Let’s not even get into the fact that they both like women who are a lil’ bit older.

Dirk Nowitski vs. Drake

Man, Drake ain’t finna hurt NOBODY.  He sure didn’t hurt Common. And neither is Dirk. He can def be a marshmallow in the paint. Honestly, though, they both got game  the ring and the hit records. Both have CRAZY RICH owners… Is Birdman the Mark Cuban of Rap? HA!

But, bottom line, these dudes are kinda S.O.F.T…

Hey, Dirk did pop bottles at Liv with Young Money when he won it all last year. Eh, it fits –  let’s just go with it.

Jeremy Lin vs. Chamillionaire

Chamillionaire said it himself. According to Cham, he is Jeremy Lin before he blew up, and the world’s media went into frenzy. Cham believes that his time to shine again is right around the corner. “Right now, I’ll be honest, I’m Jeremy Lin before he got off that bench. Capable of doing something good, but people have yet to see it. Had a little bit of success, but now I’m on the bench, so that’s me. I had a little bit of success, but now I’m ready to show people what I’m capable of doing. And I even don’t like New York teams,” Chamillionare told

Cham definitely ain’t Scottie Pippen… Remember that run-in a few years ago when MJ wouldn’t sign Chamillionaire’s memorabilia??? LMAO!

It’s all good, though. Chamillionaire is def a good dude, and he works hard… kinda… like Jeremy Lin.

Meta World Peace vs. DMX

In the words of Ed Lover, “C’mon son! GTFOHWDBS.” Who does that, Meta? Dude BLASTED James Harden in the back of the head. Let’s not talk about him running into the stands to jack people throwing beer on him a few years back as a Indiana Pacer.

At least he has settled down a little bit as a Laker, and he’s not drinking from a flask at halftime like he used to do back in the day. Meta represents DMX’s unpredictable personality, as he’s had his run-ins with the law himself. It’s sort of like you don’t know if Meta or X is gonna wile’out and hit you, or if they are gonna dap you up.

Either way, don’t mess with these dudes. Period. Legendary, but please, please don’t F*CK with X.

Carmelo vs. Jadakiss

Both talents hold it down for New York. Melo doesnt have any rings yet, but he’s made his mark on the League and will likely go to the NBA Hall of Fame. Jada is legendary in rap and undoubtedly, will never be forgotten…

Nobody hits punchlines so consistently like Mr. So Raspy, and who could forget his signature… “Hehhhhhaaaaa!” *Jada voice*

Maybe Knicks fans will disagree, but you can generally expect Carmelo is gonna ball (and make his opponents look silly) when healthy. He consistently puts up numbers. We just need to see if he can work with Amare and Lin to put it all together.

Birdman vs. MGK

Simply put, these two are tatted up and straight WILD! Birdman was on dat ish for a sec and got kicked out of the League for doing that “H”. Machine Gun Kelly has a song called “Wild Boy” – call them both “Steve-O”, ’cause this was a comparison we saw instantly!

Josh Howard vs. Wiz Khalifa 

This man Wiz don’t play no hoops… except for in the BING commercial! (Which was pretty dope.) We didn’t even really have a comparison for Wiz – UNTIL we remembered Josh Howard’s comments about ole’ “Mary 3x” that raised eyebrows across the League a few years back.

“I think a lot of people have that problem [smoking marijuana]. How that could stop me from getting drafted, though? How many guys in the lottery smoke pot? The weed thing, just about everybody smokes,” said Josh Howard. WE FEEL YOU, BUT FALL BACK, JOSH!

“Yeaaaa, uh-huh, you know what it is…”

Lebron vs. 50 Cent

Most hated, yet most accomplished. But really, though, both guys are also going down as two of the all time greatest.

It’s undeniable: Power of a Dollar, Guess Who’s Back, Get Rich or Die Trying? Those are kinda like Bron Bron’s early years in the League with the Cavs. They also both look like they could throw somebody 100 feet in the air. Both have crazy, ridiculous amounts of paper from endorsements via sponsors and business ventures.

And, why not?  50 even said that he would ‘buy Lebron a ring if he came to New York.” That was all back when Lebron was looking for a new team, before “The Decision.” Lebron envisions his own Jay-Z comparison, but hold up. He doesn’t have the rings yet, while Jay-Z has classics and platinum projects for days.

Dennis Rodman vs. Lil Wayne

We took it back a little on this one, but…

Yo, that new Trukfit gear is WILD, SON! Wayne is the king of bright colors and crazy gear. You don’t want to admit it, but we know you see the similarities! Facial piercings, tats, and all. You also gotta give Dennis Rodman credit because he was one of the best rebounders that ever lived, and he has the rings to show for it! All he did was rebound.

Wayne, you know all he does is rap (and sing), too! That boy got bars on bars on bars, “long hair don’t care,” and probably enough Certified RIAA Platinum records to match Dennis Rodman’s rings.

Also, didn’t Baby kiss Wayne? We  gonna leave that one alone, since everyone knows Wayne got a new lady. CREW LOVE?

D Wade vs. Rick Ross

Perhaps Rick Ross puts it best in the song “Party Heart” when he says, “Me and Dwayne on the same strip….” These two both have been running the show in South Beach for some time now, and pretty much seem to have a pulse of the city.

From their humble beginnings to their larger than life pads in MIA, these two are the  “South Beach Kings.” Rick even performed at D Wade’s birthday party (pictured below).

They’re both killing the game. Not much more you can say about that.

Kobe vs. Kanye West

Both have had a lil’ lady drama in their lives, but it’s all good because they kill it on the court and on the tracks. Kobe’s got six rings, Kanye has five or six classic albums, so they are also a pretty close comparison. They also had the commercial together! #KobeSystem.

Both keep it playerific on the international front – Kobe lived in Italy, and Kanye just moved to London and stays in the fashion game in Paris.

Woops! We were thinking about Kanye and Kris Humphries, but we’re just gonna let that one go, too, since Kanye gettin’ up in Kim nowadays, and that’s a touchy subject for a lot of people.

Lastly, both these dudes have serious egos! Just look at the “smugs” on those faces below!

Michael Jordan vs. Jay-Z

We can’t even list all of their accolades and come-ups, so just call them the “Kings of Everything.”

With all of the Jay-Z references, the endorsements, the rings, the lyrics – “When I come back like Jordan, wearin the 4-5, it ain’t to play games with you…”

Come on. We couldn’t give anyone else this look… “Cause every fourth quarter, I’m likely to Mike Jordan ’em,” – Jay-Z

Don’t forget to leave your comments about our list, and make your own comparisons.

Let the Playoffs begin!!!!