EXCLUSIVE: Mayor Cory Booker Says Goodbye to the New Jersey Nets as Jay-Z Unveils New Team Logo


We can already hear it now:

“Where’s Brooklyn at? Where’s Brooklyn at?”

Or maybe just the chant: “Broooooooookkkkkklllllllyyyyyynnnnnn!!”

Whatever it may be, the Nets are no longer New Jersey’s own. Whether it’s the billboards in New Jersey wishing the team goodbye, or a famous Mayor lamenting the loss, everyday, something makes the team’s move to Brooklyn seem more real, and it’s also a sign of the demise of another New Jersey team.

Last week, Jay-Z unveiled the new Brooklyn Nets logo, which he designed himself. We gotta give it to the man, it’s a pretty great looking logo. But where does that leave New Jersey? Will Jersey EVER get a sports team for themselves? The New York Giants and New York Jets both play in New Jersey but hold New York names.

Despite the move, Jay-Z brings a fun twist with multiple Hip-Hop references on the new team gear including classic Jay-Z rap titles such as “Hello Brooklyn” (Jay-Z ft. Lil Wayne) and “Brooklyn’s Finest” (Jay-Z ft. B.I.G.).

AllHipHop.com spoke to someone who is taking the loss quite personally – Newark, New Jersey’s Mayor Cory Booker. During our “Politics & Pizza” chat with him last week, we asked the superhero politician how he felt about the transition. Watch the exclusive video below: 

While it’s a downer for New Jersey fans (and Mayor Cory Booker), we are pretty stoked for the Nets to go Brooklyn. The logo is dope, and it’s a new beginning. Hopefully, this will inspire the Nets to continue to be great.

The Barclay Center will officially open in September 2012.