Jeezy and Gourmet Footwear Present their Fall Lookbook

Jeezy and Gourmet Footwear Premiere New Fall Look

The partnership and relationship between the Gourmet and Jeezy brands has evolved into an organic friendship. When discussing projects or ideas, nothing is forced and that is the feeling that Gourmet wanted to convey through this lookbook and photo shoot – which was shot on location, in real time during a dinner.

Greg Lucci, founder of Gourmet, added, “When we come to Atlanta to collaborate with Jeezy the first thing we do is call GIO and have the private table in the back of his restaurant set up. It’s during these dinners that we tend come up with our best creative ideas. We’re not focused 100 on business. We’re rapping about family and the neighborhoods where we grew up. It’s those discussions that inspire us and allow us to visualize where we want to take our collaborative efforts.”

Take a look at the new Jeezy/Gourmet collaboration, “The Croc Pack,” made with real Italian crocodile, as well as, imported, Italian snake skin; butter-soft, water resistant wolverine suede; imported, Japanese ultra-suede by Toray; and cork printed leather.

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Featured in the Croc Pack, Cinque 2 LXL Featured in the Croc Pack, The 35 Lite MP GRMT_croc_pk_jeezy_instagram GRMT_croc_pk_jeezy_instagram2 GRMT_croc_pk_jeezy_instagram3 GRMT_croc_pk_jeezy_instagram4