EXCLUSIVE: Curtis Scoon Replies To New York Daily News’ Report Implicating Him In Jam Master Jay’s Death


(AllHipHop News) Curtis Scoon, the man the New York Daily News implicated in the murder of Jam Master Jay, has come forward to rebuff today’s article.

Jam Master Jay, born Jason Mizell, was gunned down on October 30, 2002 at his Queens, New York recording studio, 24/7.

Despite the fact that there were five direct witnesses to the murder, the New York Police Department has never been able to turn up a suspect, or any credible leads regarding the murder of one of music’s best-known figures.

A report in today’s New York Daily News titled “10 Years Later, Murder of Jam Master Jay of Run-DMC Unsolved,” claims that Jam Master Jay was murdered after a hit was ordered, to settle a drug debt to Hollis, Queens native, Curtis Scoon.

“I read the article in today’s New York Daily News and was taken aback by the persistent efforts to connect me to the tragic death of Jason Mizell,” Curtis Scoon told AllHipHop.com in an exclusive statement today (October 23).

I addressed my non-involvement in this crime several months back with “#ScoonTV.” I believe readers will find it quite informative.”

As previously reported, Ronald “Tinard” Washington admitted to playing a role in the murder [as well as the murder of Randy “Stretch” Walker], after he confessed to committing the crimes to his former girlfriend, who told investigators.

Washington is currently serving a 17-year sentence, for robbing a string of motels in 2007, after he became homeless.

A source told AllHipHop.com that Washington’s admission was short of credible, which is why no charges were ever brought against him or anyone else connected to the case.

Sources also told AllHipHop.com that a Grand Jury was convened to investigate Jam Master Jay’s murder, but it was disbanded for unknown reasons.

There were five people in the recording studio when Jam Master Jay was killed: Randy Allen, his sister Lydia Allen High, Uriel “Pretty Tony” Rincon, Mike B, an unidentified female singer and Jam Master Jay.

Investigators told the New York Daily News that none of the witnesses that were in the recording studio would identify the gunman or his accomplice.

The killer apparently knew Jay since Lydia buzzed him in and Jay and his murderer allegedly embraced, just before he was shot.

Jam Master Jay and Ronald “Tinard” Washington were associates, although there was definitely tension between the pair in the month’s leading up to Jam Master Jay’s murder.

“Jay knew these guys since he was a kid,” a source told AllHipHop.com in a previous interview on the matter. “We all knew Tinard’s history, he was in and out of jail. He f**kin shot his own cousin and paralyzed him and put him in a wheel chair. We go in and out-of-town, and Jay’s cousin got Tinard living in Jay’s f**cking crib. The crib Jay’s father left for him. He got Tinard living there. Jay wasn’t pleased and said ‘he gotta come up outta there.’

“They all know Tinard and whoever that shot Jay because he [Tinard] lived in that house,” the source told AllHipHop.com, adding that the gun used to commit the murder of Jam Master Jay may have been stolen from the same house.

Randy Allen, who was in the studio at the time of the murder, believes that Uriel “Pretty Tony” Rincon may hold the key to solving the entire case.

“”When I came in the studio, Mike B was standing there, the girl was standing there, Jay was playing the game, Tony was playing the game,”” Randy Allen told AllHipHop.com. ““I said ‘What’s up Jay, Tony, hurry up and finish the game.’ All the people that know that I ain’t got nothing to do with it are motherf**kers I could never ever trust, because they ain’t revealing it, they are just holding it to themselves, so who the f**k are they?”

““What makes it worse is he [the killer] is running around in the neighborhood,” Allen told AllHipHop.com. “People who live in Hollis where Jay came from, they might be scared or nervous and not wanting to say s**t as they don’t want that n***a coming around and shooting up their family; so they sit back and keep their mouth shut.”