EXCLUSIVE: Waka Flocka Explains Brick Squad Monopoly Tribute Mixtape for Slim Dunkin Called “Block Illegal 2”


(AllHipHop News) Gucci Mane and Waka Flocka have announced that the Brick Squad Monopoly (BSM) will be releasing a tribute mixtape in honor of fallen BSM member Slim Dunkin, who was gunned down in December of last year.

The project stems from the Block Illegal mixtape series that Slim Dunkin and BSM up-and-comer D Dash Bo developed, completing the final chapter in the short-lived series.

While many Hip-Hop fans are just getting to know D Dash Bo, fans of the BSM movement will remember that D Dash Bo was Slim Dunkin’s protege, representing the Dirt Gang crew and was featured on Waka’s album alongside Slim Dunkin.

“You know, the mixtape, it’s something that me and my brother had a dream about and we trying to put it all together for the team. We came from the heart with everything on this, turn up,” D Dash Bo explained to AllHipHip.com. “Well, to us as a team and a family; it means a lot to carry on what we started. It started with my bro, Slim [Dunkin], and we just carrying the torch in the best way we can. This tape gonna explain what happened from the hard times to now.”

Block Illegal 2 will be hosted by DJ Holiday, DJ Spinz & V103 DJ Kash, and features a collection of songs with other artists including, Waka Flocka, Gucci Mane, Trae Da Truth, Future, Roscoe Dash, French Montana, Stuey Rock, and more.

“It’s just a collective of some of the last music that Slim had, and it’s absolutely phenomenal man. D-Bo is the next in the up in the Dirt Gang crew, and him taking the flag and running with it, and Waka Flocka having his success, we thought it was the right time to do something epic to send my man out on the red carpet with the doves and everything, doing things the big boy way,” DJ Holiday explained to AllHipHop.com.

Brick Squad Monopoly affiliate and up-and-coming rapper, Slim Dunkin, was shot and killed by the currently incarcerated Young Vito late last year. While early details were sketchy, at this point Atlanta police now know that Slim Dunkin was recording in the the booth before an argument ensued, and Young Vito entered the booth and shot Slim Dunkin amidst a struggle.

In honor of Slim Dunkin, the BSM family has a host of videos planned for this project, and they intend to use this opportunity to brand D-Bo and his Dirt Gang crew.

“Sh*t, you know the videos I got planned; this sh*t gonna be epic. I’m really gonna sit back and help co-direct some videos, but they don’t really need help, because we got Major League PacMan behind him. Videos we gonna really brand D-Bo and this Dirt Gang crew music all the way to the T. We gonna really show y’all Clayton County, Georgia,” Waka Flocka told AllHipHop.com

“When people think about Brick Squad Monopoly, they don’t think about drugs – they think about a company, a label, an establishment, an enterprise, an empire that built a company brick by brick. That’s why we call it Brick Squad period. Like we gonna give these folk’s our all, like we all we got type sh*t, for real,” Waka Flocka added.

The mixtape holds a special place in the hearts and minds of the BSM team, and will feature several songs that pay tribute to their fallen brother.

“‘Number one, we got Me and Flock, we got ‘Feelin My Self’ with Trae the Truth, we got ‘Celebration’ with Gucci [Mane], we got Rock Star with Slim [Dunkin] and Roscoe Dash, we got a lot. To be honest, the whole tape gonna stand out, ’cause we did us. We ain’t try to be nobody else,” D-Bo said.

Fans can pick up the mixtape next Tuesday (July 17) via LiveMixtapes.