Breaking News: Nicki Minaj Talks To Funk Master Flex Over Summer Jam Debacle


(AllHipHop News) After bailing on Hot 97’s Summer Jam, Nicki Minaj called Hot 97 with Funk Master Flex and explained why she didn’t make an appearance.
“What happened was this, my fans didn’t appreciate his comments,” Nicki Minaj said live on the air. “Like I told you Flex, this was not about 2,000 people that he talking to. This was streamed to the world. that stream was posted on my website”

“This is being broadcast to the world,” Nicki said of the event was streamed across the internet.

“Flex, its not about his opinion, because I have opinions about DJS at Hot 97 and hot 97. I wouldnt dare come on your stage leading put o that concur. Everybody is grown enough to keep their opinions to their self. When you disrespect Nicki Minaj, your’e disrespecting my fans. Don’t make those three million people…that their inferior for their personal taste in music.”

Peter Rosenberg, a host on the morning show, said some disparaging comments towards Nicki Minaj in the name of “real Hip-Hop.”

Nicki responded: “When you invite somebody to your home, you treat somebody with respect.”

Nicki said that after Lil Wayne called off Summer Jam, she was forced to not to perform even though she wanted to continue on.

“Nobody would have even known I had a problem with this. I’m not a quitter and I don’t back down from anything.” “Wayne gave me a very good lesson on knowing my worth. Wayne has been my mentor, Wayne got me in this game. Lil Wayne gave me a lesson self worth.”

Nicki said that she promoted the annual Summer Jam concert, attended by about 60,000 people, on her website and other means.

“Know that Nicki Minaj sold a lot of tickets last night.” Nicki said and suggested it was an attack on woman. “I am the only woman not that stage holding it down for woman. I respect men that hold it downs for women.” Lauryn Hill did perform, but there weren’t a lot of women to grace the stage.

For a moment, Nicki took Funk Master Flex to task.

“Why you ain’t diss Wayne? Why you ain’t diss Wayne?” Nicki asked of Flex, suggesting that she was being singled out.

“I’m not scared of Wayne,” Flex eventually retorted.

After a while, the pair began to explain what happened. It seemed that communications were strained because cell and mobile receptions were not sufficient to to the sheer volume of traffic.

At press time, the pair were still conversing about the matter, but the nature of the talk had lightened significantly.

Earlier, Flex was rumored to “end careers,” but a talks became this public interview.

Nicki further called Flex to task later in the interview.

“Yesterday, you made a lot of disrespectful comments about me. You said something about my record sales and so I need you to pull up your roster from yesterday and I want you to listen to these statistics.” Nicki then proceeded to run down to Flex all the records that she sold. “Do the math,” she implored Flex.

Flex wanted to differentiate between album sales in the United States and international. Right now, Nicki’s album has yet to sell gold domestically.

Yesterday, Flex had much more to say.

“We ain’t fu**in’ with commercial rappers no more. If you lost the fu**in’ streets, it’s your fault. If you don’t go gold, it’s your fault,” he said yesterday as tensions were at their height. “I’m dedicated to tearing you down. If you not buying no more commercial albums, hit me on Twitter right now.”

“Everybody’s wrong here. For real, for real.” Flex said after ranting that “everybody’s egos” got in the way of what was best for fans at the Summer Jam show.