[Breeding Ground] Robyn Hood Entertaining & Educating All Through Her Music


Robyn Hood is breaking through in the rap scene and on TV screens.  AllHipHop’s Camille Jay got a chance to talk to her all about it.

Lyricist and actress, Robyn Hood, is breaking through the rap scene and on TV screens.  This female emcee prides herself on being a wordsmith that thinks outside of the box.  Inspired by the works of William Shakespeare, mixed with experiences gained from growing up in the streets of Philadelphia, Robyn Hood has an versatility she is not ashamed by.  With a consciousness similar to Lauryn Hill, and a wordplay crafted like Lil Wayne, Robyn Hood developed her own style of music that puts her in a lane with no other.

” You don’t need to compare me. Receive my contribution and take it from there.  Give people the credit of just being themselves and stop trying to mold them in some kind of way,” said Robyn Hood.

Seeing through the lenses of  “poverty and prestige” Robyn Hood is liberated from closed-mindedness and possess a balance that most artists do not have.   In a world oversaturated with sexuality and violence, she uses her craft to tackle topics that heavily impact the Hip-Hop culture, however, they often go unaddressed.  Her song “Red & Blue,” juxtaposes the battle that urban children face when confronted with gang or police violence.

“The police don’t look like us. The gang members do.  But are each of them here to protect or to harm us?  We are so prone to be being attacked; we are running from the police and the gangs.  And you can’t address one without addressing the other.”  Robyn told AllHipHop.

With the use of strong vocabulary, clear speech (opposed to today’s “mumble rap” trend), and a shortage of profanity within her lyrics, Robyn Hood aims to go against the grain, providing entertaining yet educating music to her audiences.  Through songs like “Reach” and “Holes in My Pocket,” Robyn talks about the struggles of being responsible with money and continuing to stay strong through obstacles, ensuring there will be a brighter day.  She hopes to continue to use her platform to be a positive role model and an active member of society.

“Not many of us are blessed with the positions and platforms to even say anything that can make a difference.  So if you don’t use your voice to speak out, then who will?”

Aside from the pressures of putting out music that is well received, Robyn Hood, like many other female emcees battle with being a women in a male dominated field.  Through her music and her roles in various shows, she is sure to showcase various types of women, aside from the negative roles African American women are commonly type-casted for.  She currently has a reoccurring role on Blue Bloods as a medical examiner and has appeared on several episodes  “Law & Order” and the classic series “The Wire.”

Robyn Hood continues her work in music and the arts.  She is the midst of developing her freshman album, working with Cultural Bastards on the production.  Her visual for the track “Fresh” from her latest EP “For Higher” is out now.