Drakeo the Ruler Shows Paid In Full Receipt For 2021 Rolls-Royce In New Video

Drakeo the Ruler - New School

Drakeo the Ruler has big CASH!

Drakeo the Ruler just shared a new Wyatt Winfrey directed video for “Exclusive” from his recent mixtape, The Truth Hurts. The flashy music video was shot entirely on 16mm film and features Drakeo the Ruler posted up in his brand new 2021 Rolls-Royce Dawn. Proving it’s bought and paid for, Drakeo the Ruler flashes the pink slip at 1:55 showing this Rolls-Royce is PAID IN FULL!

Drakeo The Ruler Cops A Plea And Gets Released From Prison 

Beyond this “Exclusive” music video, Drakeo is completely flourishing ever since his release. From the Rolls-Royce to the chains to his homie Desto Dubb’s clothing line, the Stinc Team must be accounted for when you talk about the fastest rising rap crews on the West Coast.

Just a few years ago in the summer of 2019, Drakeo was acquitted of murder, a conspiracy to murder, and five attempted murder charges. He beat the charges but got knocked for possession of a firearm by a felon. 

It was reported that the jury could not agree on his criminal street gang charge— or the shooting from a vehicle. 

“Drakeo has been put through hell over the last three years,” his attorney said at the time of his release. “After one day of trial, the prosecutors approached us about a time served offer. Drakeo will be home to his family in the next few hours. It is a good day for Drakeo and rap music.”

Theres no question that being locked up and fighting a case against former LA District Attorney Jackie Lacey put a hold on Drakeo’s career, but he’s on the other side of it now and it looks like he can’t be stopped!

For more info on Drakeo, check out his most recent project The Truth Hurts where you can stream it on any of the DSP’s. Until then check out the Rolls-Royce in the visual below: