Drakeo The Ruler Cops A Plea And Gets Released From Prison 

drakeo the ruler

The rapper was facing some serious charges – including murder – but now he is celebrating his freedom. 

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After being charged with murder in 2019, West Coast rapper Drakeo the Ruler has been acquitted and has been released from prison, after striking a peal deal with authorities.

Before anyone suggests that he got out for snitching, his attorneys confirm that the deal was made after he copped to his own participation in a crime. 

The Los Angeles based artist made headlines when he was on trial to defend himself on criminal gang conspiracy charges. The law also tried to bang him with a gun charge for shooting from a motor vehicle, along with a gang enhancement charge.

According to Jeff Weiss, Drakeo pled guilty to the latter charge. The first charge of criminal street gang conspiracy was dropped.

“Drakeo has been put through hell over the last three years,” his attorney said. “After one day of trial, the prosecutors approached us about a time served offer. Drakeo will be home to his family in the next few hours. It is a good day for Drakeo and rap music.”

In the summer of 2019, Drakeo was acquitted of murder, a conspiracy to murder, and five attempted murder charges. He beat the charges but got knocked for possession of a firearm by a felon. 

It was reported that the jury could not agree on his criminal street gang charge— or the shooting from a vehicle. 

While serving his time, the rapper has been productive. Drakeo released an album Thank You for Using GTL from the Los Angeles County’s Men’s Central Jail, recorded via a phone.