50 Cent Trolls Diddy Over 2Pac Murder Case Using Jada Pinkett Smith Meme: “Thug Life”

50 Cent Diddy

The Queens rapper used a doctored-up picture to make fun of Sean “Puff Daddy” Combs.

50 Cent has taken to social media to poke fun at Diddy after his name re-emerged in connection to the murder of Tupac Shakur. The Bad Boy mogul was identified by Keefe D as someone who put a bag on the rap legend’s head.

Diddy supposedly denied the claim, telling Tupac Shakur’s brother Mopreme “sometime in the 2000s”  his hands were clean. But 50 Cent is relentlessly teasing him about the alleged body anyway.

In his most recent post, he shared the last picture of ‘Pac before he was shot in the car with Suge Knight. Jada Pinkett Smith is superimposed in the flick. He wrote in the caption, “Thug Life, Jada in New York looking for puffy. LOL you think you gonna get away with this [ninja emoji].”

Fans responded in the comments saying what we all know, “This dude is the best at being the worst.”

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50 Cent has been on Diddy’s neck since Keefe D’s arrest for his alleged involvement in Tupac Shakur’s murder. As he said on October 10, “I hate when they leave me to talk because I always say the wrong thing. Last time they left me I said something about Puffy.” 

“I got to stop doing that kinda s###, I been talking to a therapist to try to help me with the s### I be saying. I say crazy s### out my mouth for no reason,” the rapper continued as he walked back and forth on the stage during a recent “The Final Lap” tour performance. “Oh wait … Maybe I said that s### about Puffy because he got 2Pac killed.”

The South Jamaica, Queens native then posted a clip of Keefe D saying Diddy stopped his money from coming in. The caption read, “LMAO Brother Love, show some love. Damn should have just sent this fool a few dollars.”