Anthony Anderson Working On His Slim, Trim Dad Bod, Thanks To Will Smith

Anthony Anderson and Will Smith

Anthony Anderson has taken up Will Smith on his Grown Man Sexy Challenge and he is already seeing results!

Actor Anthony Anderson has taken Will Smith up on his Grown Man Sexy challenge and has already dropped eight pounds as a result of his new health and fitness kick.

Earlier this month, Will Smith confessed he was in the worst shape of his life after letting his health slide during the COVID-19 pandemic, and called on friends and fans to join him as he embarked on a weightloss journey, which he was filming for new YouTube series “Best Shape of My Life.”

The show will follow the “Men In Black” star as he attempts to get fit with the help of pro-athlete pals, scientists, nutritionists, and other experts.

Now Anthony Anderson reveals he’s been inspired by his pal’s drive and determination to slim down and has been one of the many fans trying to keep up with Smith.

Anderson has already started to see the results of his hard work, and he’s keen to keep on going and shed another 18 pounds.

During an appearance on “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” Anderson explained, “The challenge is just to transform that dad bod, that COVID bod back into something that’s healthy.

“So, we’ve all taken this 12-week challenge that Will threw out there and a bunch of us are on the bandwagon. It’s just about being healthy. It’s called Grown Man Sexy.”

“We’re into our third week right now,” he continued. “I’m down eight pounds. I’m 218 right now and I’m trying to get down to 200.”