Rihanna Tells A$AP Rocky To Get Diapers— He Goes Through Hell To Get Them In New Beats Commercial

Rihanna A$AP Rocky

A$AP Rocky faces a diaper debacle with Rihanna in a new Beats Studio Pro commercial directed by the rapper himself!

In a playful new commercial for Beats Studio Pro, rapper A$AP Rocky is sent on a diaper run by none other than his partner, the pop icon Rihanna.

The ad, directed by Rocky himself, is part of a promotional campaign for Beats by Dre’s latest generation of over-the-ear headphones.

The commercial begins with Rihanna instructing Rocky to head to the store for a new pack of diapers for their baby. Obliging, Rocky slips on his Beats Studio Pro headphones and heads out, only to return with the wrong size.

The humorous short is set to the tune of Rocky’s new single ‘Riot,’ produced by Pharrell Williams.

This ad is part of a more extensive campaign celebrating the 15th anniversary of the Beats Studio model, which was first introduced in 2008.

The Beats Studio Pro represents the latest evolution of the best-selling headphones, and the brand has launched several promotional campaigns to mark the occasion.

The couple, who already share one child named RZA, expect another bundle of joy, adding a personal touch to the commercial’s storyline. The ad’s lighthearted nature and the couple’s real-life relationship have made it a hit among fans.